Meet Ren Schiffman – 5th Generation of Shreve & Co.

“If I do well, we all really benefit and do well. It’s not about yourself and your aspirations, it’s your aspirations can make an impact on your family.”

This week on the blog we’re giving you a glimpse into what it feels like to work for a 165 year old family owned and operated business as a member of the 5th generation. Less than 3% of all family businesses operate at the fourth generation and even less make it beyond that.

Meet Ren Schiffman, sales associate at our San Francisco location and member of our 5th generation of ownership and operation at Shreve & Co. Ren joined the company in 2016 after completing his gemology degree at the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. His passion, experience and talent is an excellent representation of the new Shreve & Co.

Ren brings a fresh prospective to luxury shopping in San Francisco. Hear his story first hand below!

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