Piaget Polo S

Not Your Father’s Cult Classic Anymore – The NEW Piaget Polo S

Call it “retro,” “vintage,” or “throwback.” In 1979 Yves G. Piaget designed the Polo. A watch that would become the mark of luxury in the 80s. If you wanted to demonstrate you were a person who appreciates style and prestige, you had a Polo. It went from its vaulted perch as the watch to have in the 80s to something of a cult classic in recent years.READ MORE

Rose Gold Stackable Rings

Why Everyone is Wearing Rose Gold Now

It lives someplace between shiny and muted. You might not call it opulent, but it’s far from subtle. Rose gold has a way of catching your eye, without jumping out and poking it. You’re seeing it on Paris runways, and in the canned food aisle at the store. Anything that can do all that deserves some further investigation.READ MORE

Breitling Colt Quartz

How to Break In to the Luxury Watch Game – The Breitling Colt Collection

Breitling has produced timepieces since 1884 and today is one of the most well recognized and widely known brands on the planet. With a rich history of aviation and pilot’s watches in the Navitimer and Chronomat collections, Breitling has become a favorite among military professionals and astronauts from around the globe (you may remember our recent piece on astronaut Mark Kelly here). READ MORE

Shreve & Co.'s Top 3 Sailing Watches

Look Sharp on the Bay and on Land: Our Top 3 Picks for Sailing Watches

A good sailing watch has a lot in common with a good crew – dependable, trustworthy, and necessary for the success of any race or regatta. But, a great sailing watch is one that is functional and handsome, so much so that professionals and landlubbers can both appreciate the cut of its jib. At first look, the “sailing watch” shares the sporty, water-resistant traits of a diving watch but is further stacked with complications made for the speeding around the bay. Whether you’re setting sail or just checking the time until dinner, no man’s collection is complete without one.READ MORE