Patek Philippe Calatrava Dress Watch

Our Top 5 Dress Watches for the 2017 Wedding Season

The best weddings I’ve been to are those that find a way to remain simple. There is a reason that classic details stand the test of time – white table linens, black tie dress and hints of metallic colors in the decorations. Now, simple doesn’t mean boring – it’s just focuses your attention on what really matters.READ MORE

Robert Procop Emerald Necklace

The Mission of Robert Procop:  Finding Impossible Gems That Do Good

It’s easy to say gems are rare. Of course they are. A precious stone would not be precious, if it were not rare. The gems in this story are not rare. The rare story is Robert Procop’s. A collector with the heart of a philanthropist. A dealer, with the burning need to help. He could be the most famous jewelry designer you’ve never heard of.READ MORE