Friday, May 29, 2015

Dad and daughter

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Fathers who have a daughter know the pain of seeing their little girl grow up slowly but surely. Beneath the dad's happy face that greets her every year on her birthday is a worried man, who dreads the day when her little girl will blossom into a young woman in a tormented world dominated by testosterone-laden boys. But, often, the fear is unfounded and their little girl marries into a happy family until the dad become a grandad and enjoys the company of, yet another little girl, her little girl's daughter. For now, the dad can enjoy the moment of bonding with his daughter. Give her an Aaron Basha Little Basha Girls on her next birthday to remind yourself that it's okay to see her grow up into a fine lady. All's going to be well.
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More important than the ring

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When you see a man sliding the engagement ring through the woman's finger and the woman, in turn, gets emotional, her reason may be more than seeing the impressive diamond ring (even if it's a Furrer Jacot). It could be the man's touch. Studies have shown that touch is a basic emotional need for humans. In fact, as early as when we are infants, touch is a fundamental way that we know our parents love and care for us. Scientists even believe that the mother's touch aids in the infant's brain development. But the importance of touch as a communication of love doesn't end in childhood. It is also important to maintain an intimate relationship up to our old age. So don't forget to always hug, kiss, or hold hands with your partner to remind him or her of your love.
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Keeping communication open

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It's a fundamental part of a happy relationship whether during the early stages of dating or at the latter stages of the couple's old age. Although as humans we're equipped with the biological tools to express our feelings, our emotions often get in the way that result in misunderstanding. To ensure your relationship is healthy, always keep the communication line open. Understand your partner's emotional cues. Communication can also be non-verbal. For instance, the wife can express her love by offering the husband a massage after a stressful work; or the husband gives the wife a special gift, a Mémoire ring for example. These actions say a lot more than simply saying, “I love you.” A caveat on the other hand, don't assume that your partner understands what you mean with your non-verbal language.
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Spend time together

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It sounds obvious that the key to keeping an intimate relationship is to, quite simply, be together. But that isn't enough; you should spend time engaged together. That means having an exciting or interesting communication during the time that you're together. To remind yourself how that looks like just imagine the time when you're dating each other, when you could chat for hours together. Although it's difficult to achieve the same level of prolonged excitement now, try to keep a shared interest or hobby to talk about or work on. It can be a project, a book or movie, or simply having coffee by the garden every morning. At the same time, try something new to break the monotony of daily life. Why not go on an unplanned travel and collect new memories? Or, perhaps, surprise her one morning with a special ring like a Harry Kotlar.
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How to keep a healthy relationship

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Building a healthy relationship that nurtures mutual respect needs no secret formula; only commitment. Let's focus on four main factors to cultivate a fulfilling relationship. First, stay involved with each other. It's easy to slide down to the motion of playing your stereotyped roles of husband-father and wife-mother, especially with bills to pay and kids to raise. Instead, make sure you have time to share common interests or passions to build on until your old age. Second, be humble when there's conflict. Don't be afraid to lose face or insist on being correct when trying to express your point. Third, keep a healthy external network of friends to balance your internal familial life. And fourth, keep the communication line always open even through conflict. A good way to communicate is through a special gift, for instance, giving a Cento ring to atone for your shortcomings.
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Who says I love you first?

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A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology showed that  men and women have subtle differences in delivering and reacting to the phrase, “I love you,” coming from their partner. In general, men say the phrase with regularity before sex has happened, while women like to say and hear it more after crossing over the sex experience. This behavioral differences may be interpreted in lay term: men want to get intimate to get sex, while women want a post-sex emotional assurance through hearing “I love you” from their partner. But the study also indicated that men are just as emotionally affected as women when they hear the three-word phrase from their partner well into years of being together. A man offering a Roberto Coin diamond ring as an anniversary gift surely corroborates the study's findings.
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Caught in the brotherhood of love

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It's the dreaded thing that can happen to you when asking a girl for a date. She can't because you're so likeable and charming and pleasing, protective, in short, you're like his brother. You've been friend zoned, a black hole from which hardly anyone has come out. The best way to solve the friend zone deadlock is, firs of all, not to get trapped in it. Most buddies that I know got friend zoned because they linger too long with a girl, unsure when they'll spit it out, their intention, that is. In the process, the girl starts to be comfortable around the guy, instead of arousing romantic emotions. So to avoid the brotherhood of love, get the message out right away, well not tomorrow, in a few weeks maybe, so she gets the right signal. Then cap it with an A. Link ring, but that maybe too early in the game.
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Is it love or infatuation?

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You can't stop thinking about her. Is she the one? How do you know if you're just infatuated or really in love with a woman? There are questions that can guide you; if you answer yes to these, then you're probably in love: do you find her attractive even if she wears no makeup? Would you be interested to date her even if you're certain there won't be kissing or sex for the night? Do you get along? Do you feel comfortable with her without the need to put up a front just to impress her? Are you willing to visit her family if she asks? Can you engage in long conversations? Yes? Congratulations, you love her and start saving for a Wellendorff engagement ring in case, well, she likes you, too.
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What's your type?

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Okay, he gave you a Penny Preville engagement ring to show his true love. You know he loves you, but let's play a little game and go deeper: in what way? Sociologists Thomas Lasswell and Terry Hatkoff identified five types of love. Romantic love is the nostalgic love characterized by unrealistic attraction, jealousy, and impractical tolerance; it doesn't last long. Companion love is developed through commitment, not necessarily excitement or obsession. Unselfish love is a rare one, illustrating devotion and patience. Logical love is calculated, which often looks at compatibility as the main unifying factor. Lastly, game-playing love is typical of relationships developed by playboys, who are after the excitement of gaining a new lover; it's bereft of a substantial emotional connection. What type is yours?
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Let go and grow

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Why is it sometimes that we find a perfectly beautiful person with a charming personality, yet she is still in search of a relationship for years now? One of the common reasons is the person is still tied up to the past and she cannot move on. Although it sounds obvious, knowing if you haven't moved on yet is harder to know. If you're experiencing this problem, here are a few ways to let go and grow. When you feel like reminiscing the past with regret, stop at once. Busy your mind with something else. Focus on the excitement of the future, rather than the past, and know that nothing can stop you from finding a new love. Most importantly, believe that letting go is possible and healthy. And once you're over your past, love will come naturally looking for you, sometimes professed with a Martin Flyer diamond ring.
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Social Proof

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One of the surest signs that you're getting the best-in-class brand is what industry authorities say about it. It's called social proof, what others tell about a brand is more powerful than what the brand owner says about it. And when the “others” are authoritative figures, the social proof lends to the brand more credibility. Take Kirk Kara, which has been the Jeweler's Choice winner for five years in a row. The award is far from being an opinion of a single individual or body; it's given by vote of choice among 16,000 fine jewelry retailers every year. Never mind that Kirk Kara has impressive seamless craftsmanship that reflects a fiery beauty, or that its lines flow elegantly and highlight your features; the opinion of thousands of jewelry sellers tell you the signature is a top act.
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Sensual Spain

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Spain is historically a country of grandeur, elegance, arts, style, and that occasional passionate outburst exemplified by its famous sons from Cervantes to Picasso. A tour around its major cities reveals grand churches, rich museums, and stylish heritage sites that overwhelm the senses. It's this amalgamation of artistic and fanatic spirits rooted in a lavish past that Carrera Y Carrera captures in its collection of jewelry pieces from rings to necklaces to bracelets and more. One look at at the intricate styling of a Carrera Y Carrera piece you're at once transported to a place where dancing isn't just about moving to the music, but embracing its soul. Where food isn't just about for eating, but the nourishment of the spirit. Where jewelry isn't all about opulence, but a statement of lifestyle.
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Japan marries Italy

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What do you get when you combine Japanese pearl craftsmanship with Italy's romance with fashion? You get one of the best pearl jewelry pieces today: Mikimoto's Milano Collection, designed by Giovanna Broggian. Historically, Milan is a center of trade and business that has spawned a thriving fashion industry since the medieval times, when kings, queens and their courts looked upon the city for the next trendiest things to wear. Today, it's home to the world's most luxurious fashion houses, that even its police force are suited in Armanis. It's no surprise that Mikimoto, the Japanese pioneer in pearl culture and one of the world's finest pearl jewelries, finds itself gravitating towards this fashion center. The Japanese-made Milano Collection is a perfect fit to your Italian-inspired beautiful dress.
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Classic is still trendiest

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A. Jaffe has one of the classiest diamond engagement rings today, solitaire round stone set in white gold band paved with brilliant cut diamonds. Despite the advent of trendier styles — e.g., Princess Cut or three-stone gems — the classic diamond ring is still the best symbol of romance. Not even celebrities, given to creating the next fashionable thing, can escape the nostalgic allure of an A. Jaffe classic diamond ring. Remember QB Jay Cutler slipping an A. Jaffe into Kristin Cavallari's finger? They're a scene in a romantic novel punctuated by the diamond ring. But A. Jaffe isn't only about classy style; it's also a precision engineering feat. The ring has better balance than other diamond ring signatures, featuring a special setting that prevents the band from turning when worn. It also has an ideal balance of metal density and weight.
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Father's Day every day

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They work hard. They strive for their best. They sacrifice life's pleasures and all for, not themselves, but your future. Your father is your bodyguard, guru,  counselor, best friend, staunchest supporter (a debatable issue with your mother), number one fan, and anything in between. Don't wait for Father's Day to show your appreciation to dad. Give him a David Yurman, a vanity gift, yes, because fathers also need to take a break from looking after you to looking after their fashion style. A David Yurman is both elegant and manly, exemplified by its most iconic piece: the cable bracelet. It's low-key but solid and built with integrity, much like your father. Years from now when he's retired, wearing his David Yurman on his way to visit your newborn, he'll remember your caring thoughts.
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Friday, May 08, 2015

World's Thinnest Watch

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It's one of the sleekest luxury watches that you'll ever see. The Piaget Altiplano Collection is said to be the world's thinnest mechanical watch at 3.65 mm. This makes the watch look sharp and neat on your wrist highlighting any sophisticated suit. The case can be in white gold or pink gold and can be hand-wound or self-winding mechanical. It features 900P Movement, an innovative solution that allows the mechanical parts to fit in within the thin casing. Driven by 145 components, the movement uses the case back as a bottom plate. The bridges are raised on the dial side and the suspended barrel is attached only by a bridge with a power reserve of 48 hours. It's a complex reverse engineering that makes this Piaget a unique timepiece.
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The Fifties

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You have fallen in love with the Panerai Radiomir, a classic collection that relives the signature's forties roots. Step a decade forward and you'll also likely to be impressed by the Panerai Luminor 1950 series. It has a sleeker look in matte gray, ash black, and brown undertones, and a more sporty appeal than its predecessor. The watch is automatic mechanical powered by P.9000 calibre and features the patented Glucydur balance and Incabloc anti-shock device. Impressively, it has a power reserve for up to three days. Moreover, some of the Luminor watches have a Flyback chronograph function and can calculate immersion time. You can also choose the bezel material, from brushed titanium to  carbotech, matt black ceramic, and polished steel. Likewise, the strap can be caoutchouc black or alligator antique brown.
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3 Impressive Bell & Ross Watches

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Can't think which Bell & Ross is for you? Check these three favorite models. The Bell & Ross Marine 44MM has a pink gold carbon case, a fusion of elegance and sporty-look. Its numerals, indexes and hands are coated with photo-luminescence  for visibility in the dark. It also has a decompression valve and is water resistant up to 1,000 meters. Meantime, the Bell & Ross Carbon Orange Men's Watch mimics an airplane's cockpit design with its liberal use of matte black and bright white. Its orange highlight provides a stylish and functional accent to the watch. On the other hand, the Bell & Ross Vintage Phantom is styled after watches worn by pilots in the forties. It features ash black dial, hands, and indexes, creating a simple but elegant aesthetics.
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Longines and Horse Race

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Lovely Maria, a race horse, didn't only win the recent 141st Longines Kentucky Oaks, one of the most popular horse races in America. She won her jockey, trainer, and owner elegant Longines watches. The luxury watchmaker awarded owner Brereton Jones, trainer Larry Jones, and jockey Charles Villoz with Longines Conquest Collection watch models to celebrate Lovely Maria's victory. The Conquest Collection features an L250 or L260 quartz movement. The case can be black ceramic or stainless steel. Brilliant cut diamonds add elegance to these watches, with total carats ranging from 0.031 to 0.044, and strewn around the dial set are 11 Wesselton VS diamonds. As standard luxury watch features, the Conquest Collection has scratch-resistant sapphire crystal cover, stainless steel bracelet, silver-polished hands, and triple safety folding clasp and push-piece opening mechanism.
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The Latest Complication

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The ultra luxury signature watch renowned for its complications and manufacturer of the world's most expensive watch, the Henry Graves Supercomplication, brings us its latest precision engineering masterpiece. Patek Philippe releases the 5131R-001 Rose Gold Men's Complications as part of its 2015 lineup. It has the Old Wold charm of its predecessors and the sleek lines of newer Patek Philippe designs. The watch is powered by a mechanical self-winding movement and Caliber 240 HU with minimum power reserve of 48 minutes. You'd love to know it's got the hallmark Patek Philippe Seal as a showcase of its grandeur roots, while the watch also features the Gyromax Balance, indicating this is as much a technologically advanced watch as it is classic. The display is protected by sapphire crystal with water resistance of up to 30 meters.
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