Friday, April 19, 2013

A Prince among Masters

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From Vicenza, the seat of Italy’s goldsmith tradition, rises Chimento. Founded by Adriano Chimento in 1964 and currently ran by the family’s next generation of jewelers, the name has become one of the most important brands in a country where gold metalwork has been a fine craft since ancient times. Chimento asserts its prominence in the jewelry world through its imaginative designs, classic styles, original shapes, innovative materials and the highest quality of craftsmanship in all its creations. One word could describe Chimento – passion. Each Chimento piece is created with passion. Chimento is not simply satisfied with creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. They have to be stunningly beautiful and pleasurable to wear as well. Take for instance Chimento’s amazing stretch of HD Silver Collection. HD Silver is an innovative alloy of superior quality, which is whiter and purer than sterling silver and also retains its beauty over time. The sheen of HD silver is an excellent mounting for the lustrous hues of precious stones and gems.
The collection carries the irresistible beauty that makes the Chimento treasured by women as well as men. Discover Chimento at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

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