Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Secret Every Woman Wants to Keep

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When it comes to accessories, women instinctively gravitate towards diamonds. Having been a jeweller and watchmaker since 1874, Piaget knows exactly what a woman wants in a watch and gives it to them in a golden platter.  This Piaget Limelight piece is a beautiful ribbon-inspired bracelet – or not. It’s actually a Ribbon motif secret watch creatively designed to conceal a diamond studded, mother-of-pearl dial running on Piaget 56P Quartz movement.  Piaget craftsmen painstakingly perfected every ribbon contour of white or pink gold and set them with 262 brilliant diamond stones for each timepiece. A well-hidden mechanism allows the wearer to gently lift the central ribbon to take a peek at the bejewelled watch, all without having to give away that she is actually wearing one. Why all the bother just for a dainty jewelled watch? Well, it’s Piaget! They give you what you want. Schiffman’s  Jewelers in Palo Alto is an authorized dealer for Piaget. 

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