Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ball Watch: From the Himalayan Mountains to the Skylab

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Ball Watches came from a tradition of precision. 1891 saw the dismal collision between Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway trains at Kipton, Ohio because an engineer’s watch stopped working. The aftermath? Webb C. Ball was assigned to be the Chief Time Inspector. He instituted standards for time-telling precision and a meticulous inspection system for railroad chronometers. After a while, Webb C. Ball’s original jewelry business back in Cleveland became the Ball Watch Company; a company dedicated to providing accurate and durable watches even under difficult conditions. Ball technology features the 3H micro-powered gas lights that can glow up to 100 times brighter than any luminous paint and will last for 25 years. With safety in mind, Ball Watches are also made to be antimagnetic. Brief contact with a man-made magnet will easily affects the accuracy of magnetic pieces. Ball Watches are also shock resistant, water resistant, and scratch resistant—covered by DLC making the materials almost as hard as diamond and smoother than Teflon. Having high cold temperature endurance (made for expeditions in the North & South Poles) and the Ball Crown protection system, Ball Watch Company easily cuts it as one of the manufacturers of the world’s most durable watches. These watches are always tested in adverse conditions by Ball Explorers who travel the world to test themselves in the watches; from the Himalayan Mountains to the Skylab in space. Ball Watches are made to endure.  For classy and durable Ball Watch pieces, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Ball Watch.

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