Monday, April 15, 2013

Beauty. Art. Perfection. Diamonds.

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The Harry Kotlar Jewelry manufacturer stands for four simple yet big words - beauty, art, perfection and diamonds. The three generation-old business established by Harry Kotlar in 1948 is one of the most reputable sellers of high-quality and sterling cut diamonds. The craftsmen, gemologists and designers at Harry Kotlar bring out the innate beauty of each stone by creating the most artful design for every piece. There designs are transformed into perfectly adorable jewelries by the skillful hands and cutting-edge technologies in the Harry Kotlar US-based workshops. Among its famous collections is the Kotlar Cushion, which had garnered the spotlight in many films and social gatherings. The pieces in the collection flaunt the Kotlar Cushion center stones mounted on handcrafted platinum or 18k gold, with artisan pave shank or pave bezel.
Browse around Shreve & Co.’s jewelry shop in Portland Oregon to Harry Kotlar’s testaments of beauty, perfection and art.  

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