Friday, June 28, 2013

Bejewelled Artworks

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Harry Kotlar invites you to discover beauty, perfection and art expressed in its bejeweled wearable, mini-sculpture collections. The polish immigrant Mr. Kotlar came to the country in 1948 with high hopes for his budding diamond jewelry business, along with his deep fascination for beauty, perfection and art. Three generations later, the company thrives in the diamond industry in realization of its founder’s high hopes. The brand’s favorite design is the intricate melee pattern, which is the use of smaller brilliant-cut diamonds to embellish the mountings for jewelry. This rendering takes precision and painstaking attention to details, skills that Kotlar craftsmen have mastered through the years. The arrays of diamond stones come alive in the elegant designs of Harry Kotlar bridals, bands, bracelets and necklaces, all set in intricately handcrafted platinum and rose or yellow gold and punctuated by carefully selected and polished central diamonds and precious stones.
Discover and fall in love with Harry Kotlar’s perfected works of art. Shreve & Co. in Portland Oregon is an authorized dealer for Harry Kotlar.

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