Friday, December 20, 2013

From Railroads to Everywhere Else

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The train on the railway is one of the images strongly connected to America’s most prominent brand of heavy-duty professional watches – the Ball Watch company. Though the size of a timepiece is a far cry from the enormity of a railway system, the two have one vital function in common – on the dot precision. A tragic collision at Kipton in 1891, which was caused by minute variations in the two trains’ timekeeping, prompted the establishment of stringent timekeeping standards throughout the whole railway system.  Ball Watch was a part of this crucial development, being the first official railroad watch in the U.S. Since its early railroad days, Ball Watch has gone with expeditions to the freezing tundras of the North and South Poles, boarded historic space missions and accompanied divers to unreached depths. Ball Watch proudly bears its maxim “accuracy under adverse conditions”, as it caters the precision, durability and functionality needs of extreme professionals and adventurers.
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