Friday, August 29, 2014

How to keep him interested

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You got your dream man and now the hard part—how to keep him interested up to that day when he’ll want to give you an A. Link ring. You don’t have to try hard; just be yourself. One good way is to maintain a bit of mystery. Don’t divulge to him all your interests, skills, likes, hates, hobbies, achievements…keep something as a secret and let him discover this. Just when he thinks he’s got you wrapped around his arms, spring a surprise by showing him you play the guitar (just an example). Pamper him a bit (but not too much) by playing around his favorite likes. For instance, he likes spicy food. Without looking obvious eat spicy food with a poker face once in a while and watch his amazement especially that he knows you don’t like spicy. Just keep that glass of water really close.
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