Friday, May 09, 2014

How to wear necklaces properly

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Wearing a necklace is a fashion statement that accentuates your overall outfit. It can either make or break your total appearance, so make sure you get the tips covered. Wear clothes with minimal pattern or prints since you want the necklace to stand out. Have fun mixing necklace styles with necklines to find your style. An Illa necklace by Hearts on Fire underneath a collared shirt is nifty, but can work wonders. Also make sure the necklace isn’t long enough to sit right between, well, the cleavage to avoid unflattering stares. Provide a breather between that area and the tip of the necklace. Lastly, do not pair other opulently designed earrings or bracelets with a bold necklace. They will cancel each other out. Instead, use subdued jewelry pieces, with the necklace providing the bold statement.
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