Friday, September 20, 2013

Intense and Elegant

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Love is one of those worthwhile things in life, so love intensely. And when choosing the jewelry to embody that love, find the diamonds with the same brilliance and intensity. Hearts on Fire diamonds, the “World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds” shine with that unwavering dazzle from flawlessly cut stones and expertly crafted elegance. The Hearts on Fire diamonds are cut with precision using cutting edge technology, including 100x magnification that is 10 times more accurate than the industry average. The company also works with the most talented artists, including Ilaria Lanzoni from Italy, to create contemporary and glamorous designs that perfectly show off the extraordinary dazzling fire from each rock, from the most intricate melee to the eye-grabbing central stones in different settings. Hearts on Fire burns with passion in craftsmanship, in cut and in elegant design. 
Find Hearts on Fire at authorized dealer Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

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