Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Keeping Time with Timeless Elegance

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Who says functionality and elegance in a woman’s watch have to be mutually exclusive? Everyone who has laid eyes on Chanel’s fine jewelry timepieces is sure to disagree. The iconic brand has been in the business of designing exquisite jewels since 1932. In its long experience in the art of crafting sophisticated gems, it has also mastered the trade of putting together elegant watches with the highest class. The top-quality movements by the best watch makers of Chanel are matched by the most intricate jewelled designs from its diamond and gem experts. The diamond studded floral and feminine designs on 18k white gold and 950 platinum on black satin straps live the double lives of a handy timekeeping device and a fashionable gem accessory rolled in one. Chanel’s fine timepiece is a perfect embodiment of a modern socialite.  As an authorized dealer, Shreve & Co. Jewelers in Palo Alto  carries a wide selection of elegant Chanel watches, so check it out.  

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