Friday, September 20, 2013

Looking into the Heart of a Woman

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This year, Italian-based jewelry brand Chimento is just one anniversary away from celebrating 50 years of excelling at what it does best – “looking into the hearts of women and capturing their desires.” Each Chimento piece is born to embody the multi-faceted passions of a modern Venus. Chimento’s various collections of fine luxury jewelry seamlessly combine contemporary design and classic style, just the right pieces for ladies who love to spice up their day with lovely jewelry. The brand’s innovative designs and materials, inspired by people and themes that are close to the female heart, excitingly recreate jewelry in original shapes, textures and passionate expressions. Let the world see her beautiful heart packaged in high-grade precious metal and elegant gemstones crafted expertly by Chimento – the name that knows the heart of women. 
Check them out at Shreve & Co. in Portland Oregon – authorized retailer for Chimento.

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