Monday, May 13, 2013

Making Things Complicated

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Patek Philippe makes things "complicated". But hey, that is what the most sophisticated Swiss watchmakers are supposed to do. Complications, which are any function of a timepiece other than the essential display of the time, are the norms at Patek Philippe’s watchmaking workshops at Geneva and Vallee de Joux. The brand’s Caliber 89, launched in 1989 to commemorate its 150th anniversary, is one of the most complicated mechanical watches ever made. It carries 33 complications that include chronographs, calendars, the date of Easter, sidereal time and a 2800-celestial chart. Getting all those functions working took 5 years of research, 4 years of manufacture, and 1, 728 parts crammed masterfully together in a 41mm thick case. Indeed, Patek Philippe knows how to make a science out of watchmaking.
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