Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pearls and Priced Traditions

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The name and heritage of Mikimoto, the pearl jewelry company that ranks among the world’s top luxury brands and Japan’s financial leaders of the 20th Century, all started out with the determination and passion of one man: Kokichi Mikimoto. Japanese researcher and entrepreneur Kokichi Mikimoto is recognized as the creator of the first cultured pearl and the father of the cultured pearl industry, which began to take shape when Kokichi established his luxury pearl company Mikimoto in the fashion district of Tokyo in 1899. Mikimoto was awarded patents for pearl cultivation and in 1985 was selected as one of Japan’s top 10 inventors in commemoration of his pioneering work. The house of Mikimoto pearls today continues to realize the driving dream of one man, that is, simply to adorn every woman’s neck with the pure and precious beauty of pearls.
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