Friday, September 21, 2012

Quality runs in the Family

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The Kotlar family has been growing other people’s business and their own as well with the highest quality diamonds. Since 1948, Harry Kotlar & Co. has a steadfast dedication of supplying the best diamonds the world can offer to their clients–may they be businesses or individuals. Harry Kotlar, the company founder, started as a diamond salesman in Los Angeles in 1948. He had brought the love for beauty, art and perfection with him from his native Poland. This are the same qualities that Louis Weiner (his son-in-law), Betty Kotlar Weiner (his daughter), and David Weiner (his grandson preserve as they head this highly successful family heirloom. The company has grown and evolved through the years but the family behind the name has preserved the founding qualities and vision that the founder brought from Poland to US shores. For Harry Kotlar & Co. diamonds, visit Shreve & Co.. Shreve & Co. is an authorized dealer of Harry Kotlar & Co. diamonds.

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