Friday, July 11, 2014

Remember Agassi?

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Long before Rafael Nadal showed us his power swings and behind-the-baseline tactic and Roger Federer impressed us with his all-court, all-round playing prowess, there’s Andre Agassi. He was the original power striker that combines his tennis skills with a Hollywood-level charisma. Tennis observers consider him the best service returner, the tactic that got Pete Sampras, his nemesis, in myriad troubles. In fact, his legacy also includes single-handedly bringing tennis back in the glam light, long after Connors and company had since gone. Agassi was also the first to popularize fashion in tennis outfits, at a time when players would only wear a passive all-white getup. Today, Agassi is a Longines ambassador, representing the brand’s longevity, technical skills combined with style. He is also busy building up his foundation for education. 
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