Saturday, June 15, 2013

Setting the Face of Time

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A myriad of world-renowned models, one tradition of masterful innovation, and one unmistakable name that goes with it – Corum. This inventive and tenacious Swiss watch company, established in 1955 by Rene Bannwart and Gaston Ries at La Chauz-de-Fonds, has paved new design trails in watchmaking with its uniquely engineered and designed timepieces. One of the brand’s earliest designs, released in 1957, was the Golden Tube model, which was literally a tube of gold fitted with a movement. This became the basis for Corum’s famous Golden Bridge model. In 1964, the coin watch was unveiled and became a favorite among numerous U.S. presidents and famous personalities. It was an ultra-flat movement with no back cover set on an authentic $20 Double Eagle gold coin. In 1970 came the Feather watch, composed of genuine bird feathers, and six years later the Rolls Royce watch, which was the first ever collaboration of its kind. Half a century after its birth, Corum continues to surprise the world with its creativity and watchmaking prowess.
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