Monday, July 08, 2013

The Big Picture in a Tiny Canvas

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The world of Alex Sepkus is full of beautiful contradictions. He thinks big ideas but expresses them in small platforms – literally. The quirky Lithuanian artist in his oversized hat and dandy suit sets the benchmark for “miniature sculpture” with his spontaneously creative patterns on gold that are painstakingly crafted under the lens of a microscope. At first glance, his jewelry pieces strike a classic impression, but held in a steadier gaze, they reveal the most astonishing surprises such as the remarkable rendition of an intricate sea shell, flora, or a crab claw. The rich tapestry of every piece by Alex Sepkus suggests a master creator with an admirable mixture of exacting discipline and unlimited creativity, wit, and eclectic sense of humor. The artist’s ironic views and passionate dedication to his craft won Alex the admiration and respect of his retailers, collectors and even his peers.
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