Friday, January 03, 2014

The Madness of a Young Man and the Prestige of an Old Brand

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Carrera y Carrera, the renowned designer jewelry company based in Spain, is an icon of luxury for its creative designs, unique style and grand jewelry pieces that come alive with textures and finishes of precious metals and shimmers of precious stones. The success of Carrera y Carrera is rooted in one man who has found his passion and mastered it.  Manuel Carrera is respected as a creative visionary, innovative entrepreneur, and prolific designer. Frequent visits to a tiny shop enchanted him with the world of jewelry making, especially after seeing Queen Fabiola’s crown in the workshop. He founded Carrera y Carrera in 1965. He was one eager artist who embraced greater and greater challenges and complexities in his craft. His works steadily evolved from exquisite jewelry pieces to magnificent miniature sculptures with stunning elegance. For Manual Carrera, the madness of that young man is now a source of great pride for him, and of wonderful treasures for the rest of the world. 
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