Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Michael M. Sparkle

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The sparkle is something women look for in engagement rings and Michael M sure delivers. By using less metal and more rocks, Michael M produces pieces that are sure to turn heads and cause hearts to jump. This is called the Michael M. ratio – a higher diamond-to-metal ratio in every piece. “Our designs use less metal and more sparkle, further enhancing the brilliance of the center stone.” This is what Peter Meksian, son of Michael Meksian, said about their designs. This design watermark proved to be hit amongst the educated buyers. Since arriving from Europe, Michael Meksian has been dreaming big of making it as a designer and as a brand in the luxury jewelry industry. He started designing gold fashion pieces and custom work that parlayed into one of the largest gold manufacturing company: New Gold Mfg., Inc. But this didn’t give Michael Meksian much satisfaction. “I liked the competition in the designer marketplace, and knew that with our level of experience, we could bring something to the customer that was not yet available.” This marked his foray in the designer market. And since their entry in 2008, they have produced unique pieces that reflect sophistication and beam superior artistry – the Michael M. sparkle. For your Michael M. pieces, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Michael M. 

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