Friday, September 20, 2013

The Signature of a Master

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The Michael M. logo is a signature of a true artist who has the innate sense for elegance and style. Prior to the birth of the brand in 2008, Michael Meksian had already built a solid 25-year career as a designer in the gold manufacturing industry. His burning desire was to create high-end bridal and fashion collections using the finest diamonds and choicest platinum and gold; precious tokens of invaluable and enduring sentiments such as passion and elegance. Persistent in his pursuit for beauty, Michael M. is now one of the leading diamond jewelry makers in the industry, with more than 200 authorized retailers in the country. Intricate and enduring, each jewelry piece is 100% handcrafted in Michael M.’s Los Angeles workshop, under the keen eyes and skillful hands of seasoned jewelers and artisans. 
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