Friday, September 20, 2013

Under the Sea Adventures

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“Under the sea, under the sea, darling it’s better down where its wetter, take it from me...” sang the famous Disney crab named Sebastian. Surely, Aaron Basha agrees. One look at the Sealife Charms collection of the famous Manhattan-based luxury jewelry manufacturer reminds you of your easy and carefree days as a child building sand castles along the beach and getting entranced by the vibrant hustle-and-bustle underneath the water’s surface. Like the brand’s bestselling baby shoe charms, the sea life collection is designed to celebrate the delights and wonders of children and childhood memories. The precious ornaments are handcrafted in 18 gold and delicately coated with colorful enamel and overlaid with diamonds and other gems. Each youthful charm or ensemble is meant to be a special gift or heirloom piece for children of all ages. Rediscover the joys of  seaside adventures with Aaron Basha’s Sealife collection. 
Find them at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco – authorized retailer for luxury jewelry like Aaron Basha.

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