Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Terms and Conditions for Unconditional Love

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You have just given your dream girl a Kirk Kara platinum engagement ring to profess your unconditional love. The week after, the deal is off. The emotional trauma aside, when the planned marriage is cancelled, can the man claim back the engagement ring (especially a Kirk Kara one)? Yes, says some legal experts and, likely, a lot of ex-engaged men in the U.S. arguing that the engagement ring is a conditional gift, which under the legal rules of property, is owned by the donor until marriage is consummated. But there are caveats, as contrarians are wont to argue. Should the ring is given during a holiday when gift-giving is universally expected, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, the ring becomes a personal property of the recipient. Nothing is set in, well…stone though. As lawyers debate on this, romantics couldn’t care less. They only care that the engagement ring be a symbol of their love; and if it is Kirk Kara’s call, a symbol of an undying devotion that can extend far into being an heirloom like its fine collection of hand-engraved jewelry. Besides, if you are giving a Kirk Kara ring, you are naturally bred in the highest levels of civility.
Shreve is an authorized dealer of Kirk Kara jewelry.
Image: A comfort-fit band wedding ring in platinum from the "Artin" collection

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Price of Bragging Rights

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Bragging rights are earned; but for Henry Graves, Jr. you can buy it. A pedigree American banker behind railroad projects and other industrial investments that propelled the U.S. economy in the early part of the twentieth century, Henry challenged the automobile manufacturer, James Ward Packard, in owning the world’s most complicated watch back in the 1930s. Some years earlier, James paraded the most complicated watch and the world was impressed, except Henry. He commissioned Patek Philippe to outdo James’ feat. A few years and some 60,000 Swiss francs after, Patek Philippe produced the world’s most complicated timepiece—a pocket watch—using state-of-the art horological techniques that many considered an engineering feat as it is a high form of art expression. Called the Patek Philippe Supercomplication, the watch has an 18-karat gold enclosure and 24 mechanical features that move in separate but precise coordination. It charts the positions of starts and the Milky Way, has a minute repeater playing the same melody as is in London’s Big Ben, a chronological function per hour and, yes, it tells time. But its biggest feature is not mechanical. The Patek Philippe Supercomplication watch was auctioned at Sotheby’s New York in 1999 for $11,002,500, a record high. Henry would not know this, of course; only that he bested his James Ward in his, well, time.
Image: "The Supercomplication" watch made by Patek Philippe

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Angels at Shreve

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When Heidi Thomas wrote to Wellendorff about her angel encounter, she became an angel herself as she inspired a new collection of jewelry. “Angel’s Wings” represents the “gift of joy and protection – a whole life long.” Little did Heidi know that finding an unusual angel pendant on the coast would lead her on her journey to finding the man she then married and has been with for 29 years. Read her story and visit Shreve & Co. to explore Angel’s Wings.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Penny for your Thoughts

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A man may spend the whole day figuring out what is between his woman and a Penny Preville necklace, and still cap the night with little clue, if any. He may not know that Penny Preville has been synonymous with high-end style, the signature jewelry worn, not by mortals, but Hollywood celebrities. Much less is he clueless that the designer, Penny Preville, started as a child tinkering with beads and seashells before moving up to 18-carat gold and platinum trinkets favored by millionaires and stars. But here’s a fact that may interest his analytical mind: jewelries extend far beyond seducing his woman with worldly desires; rather, recent social studies pointed out the role of these trinkets in setting our society to the path of civilization. A mouthful indeed, but Cro-Magnon findings revealed that bead necklaces and bracelets played more than just to the fancy of the bearer, a warrior of all people! Scientific or not, perhaps we can safely conclude that cave people were not vain. Rather, our ancient folks wore jewelries to identify themselves in case, say, they got trampled by a mammoth or a saber-tooth had them for breakfast. The jewelry at least could leave some clue who got the hit. More crucially, jewelries allowed our prehistoric people to gain a sense of individuality that would set their path to enlightenment, individual rights and whether we want our tomato sauce with mushrooms or Italian-style. Much like wearing a Penny Preville says a lot about your woman. She is stylishly above mortals.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Penny Preville.
Image: Penny Preville Moonstone & Diamond Drop Earrings

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The German Perfection

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The Germans’ drive to make things more better was a long road from being a country with little natural resources. They knew that to survive and make money, they must rely on their skills to sell to high-end markets in other countries. But it was not the monarchy or big trading companies that led the march of technically superior German products to the world, but an army of small entrepreneurs driven to hard work and mastery of their craft. “We may not have the gold, but we can create the best gold necklace,” a typical German goldsmith might be caught dreaming back then. Like one in a small town of Pforzheim in 1890s, a self-starter crafts man would fashion jewelry fit only for the nobility. Ernst Alexander Wellendorf had an eye for the tiniest detail to create fine jewelry out of gemstones and precious metals that his name would reach far to the corridors of Russian and English palaces. The Wellendorf legacy lives to this day as a brand of luxury and elegance painstakingly created by hand. It is known for rope necklaces and spinning rings and the diamond-studded “W” that the new rich prize so much.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Wellendorf.
Image: Wellendorf silk tower: Bilberry, Silk sheen, Satin, Brilliant Kiss, Silk Flower and Black Silk.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Preville’s Treasures

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Penny Preville’s inspiration into jewelry design came from time spent looking at the treasurers in her grandmother’s jewelry box. Her award winning style reflects the classic looks of vintage jewelry infused with contemporary
Earrings by Penny Preville are inspired by vintage jewelry, yet are infused with contemporary presence.
Lightness.  Very wearable, Preville’s collections are feminine, elegant and innovative.  Her designs have graced those on the red carpet, in television, and in movies. Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, Anna Paquin, and Oprah Winfrey are just a few of Preville’s more famous customers.  Instead of waiting to inherit grandma’s jewelry, a woman can have fun exploring the delightful designs by Penny Preville at Shreve & Co. and own them today.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Make the cut

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Diamonds may be forever, but they are not created equal. They may mesmerize the untrained eye with an inner kaleidoscopic glow dance, but some diamonds literally shine more than the others. Even if you hold it in the dark with little light, a precisely made diamond can create a dazzling show of light where other wither out. Like an A. Link diamond. Using a signature 60/60 table and depth ratio cut, A. Link diamonds create an elegant balance of weight and refraction that makes its diamonds sparkle above traditionally cut stones. The cut gives maximum polish, symmetry, culet and girdle that jewelry retailers in the U.S. prize and came to trust. It all started when Adolph Link migrated from Vienna to New York in 1894, armed only with the skills and passion of his goldsmith father. Crafting jewelry with the best in Fifth Avenue, New York, he perfected the cut and would establish A. Link as one of the world’s leading diamond jewelry brands. Today, A. Link diamonds preserve the consistent signature cut whether hand or machine crafted, its color and clarity grades match the standards of the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for A. Link.     
Image: A. Link for Forevermark Bezel Diamond & Yellow Gold Ring FMR00131

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stephen Webster’s Contemporary Twists

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"Lust" is part of the Seven Deadly Sins collection by Stephen Webster.
One visit to Stephen Webster’s website  alerts the visitor that this jewelry selection will be edgy, current, yet anchored with age-old tradition. All of the jewelry is magnificent, each piece a work of art on its own. A closer eye and knowledge of the name bestowed upon an item expose subtleties that might otherwise go unnoticed.  In the “Seven Deadly Sins” collection, a rose gold setting holds a beautiful garnet stone with diamonds and rubies that might catch an observer’s eye, but the closer view reveals the setting with intricate detail of hands choking the garnet in Wrath. “It Started with Eve …” is a collection that pays homage to the original first lady, Eve, as well as Bonnie Parker and Lady MacBeth.  Stephen Webster’s designs, available at Shreve & Co. are lauded by celebrities including Elton John, Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway, and Jay Z, and are unique and daring while remaining classic in style.

Monday, July 09, 2012

Wizard of Madison

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There’s a wizard at 680 Madison Avenue turning baby shoes and ladybugs to adorable jeweled trinkets for women across ages: grandmothers, mothers, soon-to-be mothers, daughters and children.  Aaron Basha, who has been into jewelry retail since the fifties, is building an army of playful little jewels from cufflinks to stud sets, charms to chains, accessories and, of course, his signature collections of baby shoes, lady bugs and the evil eye. Aaron Basha has lent his name to this brand that transforms childhood imagination to magical pieces in 18k gold, platinum, French emerald, diamond settings and other gemstones. And if you happen to drop by the Madison showroom, you may bump on the wizard himself, who is ready to help you choose among the myriad creations that inhabit this enchanted kingdom. Start a collection, or give someone a novel gift to express life’s magical moments. An Aaron Basha is always a welcome spark to a world gone serious. The wizard may even whisper a secret or two to a curious ear about the magical properties of baby shoes and ladybugs, the way they put a smile on someone else’ face.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Aaron Basha.
Image: Aaron Basha Diamond Turtle Charm

Friday, July 06, 2012

Roberto Coin finds joy of life

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The octopus is among several whimsical designs that grace rings by Roberto Coin.
Roberto Coin brings jewelry to life with his designs. From bracelets and rings with gold woven in basket and lace patterns to pieces that resemble amphibians and insects in whimsical fashion, Coin’s work is a “passionate tribute to the joy of life.” The diversity and joie de vivre of the collection is refreshing, unique, and outstanding.
Best of all, Shreve & Co. is an authorized dealer.
Image: Roberto Coin Octopus


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