Friday, October 25, 2013

The Charms of Childhood

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One of the perks of having a jeweler for a mother is the early exposure to the glittering world of jewels and titles. At least for the boy Aaron Basha, who learned the trade early as his mother catered to royalties and society’s elite. Just as Aaron’s childhood was colored magnificently by jewels, his creations are now also inspired by the captivating charm of childhood fancies. Offering delicately handcrafted luxury pieces, Aaron Basha’s eponymous brand distinguishes itself with its colorful array of charms, necklaces, rings and bracelets crafted from gem decked gold and silver. The name is most famous for its baby shoe charms that boomed in the 1970s and stayed a bestseller ever since. Aaron has learned early on how life’s pure beauty gets captured in jewelry, and since the 1950s he has been passing it on.
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Diamond Bouquets

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There is nothing more romantic you can give her than a bouquet of fresh, beautiful roses – unless you’re holding a diamond bouquet from Mémoire. The Diamond Bouquet Collection by one of the country’s leading diamond jewelry manufacturer features elegant jewelry pieces that bear multiple diamond stones ingeniously patterned and set to convey a solid singular illusion. For example, the Four Prong Diamond Necklace has brilliant cut diamonds invisibly set in 18k white gold to create the look of 3.00 carats. The Diamond Bouquet ensemble includes dainty pieces from elegant necklaces to earrings and solitaire rings with diamond-studded pave shanks. Surprise her differently the next time, with a Diamond Bouquet from Mémoire.
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The Kotlar Tradition Lives On

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Harry Kotlar established his premier diamond selling business in the late 1940s with an intense passion for high-grade diamond jewelry and a strong commitment for beauty, quality and integrity. His name and brand has become synonymous with diamonds of the highest quality and cut, unsurpassed quality service and unquestioned integrity. Up to the third generation hence, the Kotlar family business continues to grow and evolve in its service in the diamond industry, but its values and missions remains unchanged. The expertly cut diamond’s breathtaking beauty still remains the Harry Kotlar inspiration. The values of commitment, integrity and passionate expertise are still the driving force behind every diamond collection bearing the brand.
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The Furrer-Jacot Distinction

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In Schaffhausen, Switzerland, the Furrer-Jacot jewelry manufactory stands with a 150-year history of custom-made jewelry, including exclusive weddings bands, engagement rings and eternity rings. From the one man enterprise in the person of Fritz Furrer, joined later by Lucienne Jacot, the company has grown into a world-recognized label with a distinctive presence. Furrer-Jacot values high level of individuality for every piece that it designs, as well as distinctive features coupled with wearing comfort. These embedded values are easily recognizable in the brand’s contemporary collections such as the Glamoureux engagement rings and the Eternels eternity bands. Bearing a wide range of inspiration from nature’s daily miracles like golden ricefields ready to harvest, to seemingly unnoticeable details such as a bridge’s handiwork, Furrer-Jacot truly comes up with looks that are distinctively its own.
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Roberto Coin and Cento

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The Cento diamond is designed by world-renowned Italian jeweler Roberto Coin. The diamond’s distinctive 100 facets gave the pattern its name Cento, which means a hundred. A symbol of perfection, the collection also reflects the multi-faceted personality of the famed maestro. Roberto Coin’s tireless pursuit for excellent quality and unique creativity in the realm of jewelry making has made him a trendsetter in the modern times. He has always remained loyal to his principle of individuality, ‘the art of being different’. This is true in his Cento Diamond collection, which showcases the 100 faceted diamonds crafted from the most delicate and meticulous work, expertly balanced to reveal the true beauty of a diamond with captivating fire and brilliance. 
Experience unique diamond beauty through the eyes of the master craftsman, Roberto Coin. Cento diamonds are available at authorized retailer Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

A Unique Kind of Different

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The Roberto Coin brand of luxury jewelry was introduced in 1996, and within 6 years it has already taken the upper end of the jewelry world by storm. Founded in Vicenza, Italy, Roberto Coin is ranked first in the most prestigious jewelry brands in Italy, and third in the whole world. Remarkably, this fast-paced rise to stardom is not surprising for the company, which was established by eponymous master jeweler Roberto Coin to espouse his unending search for beauty and reverence for the intricate art of jewelry making. The brand’s bestsellers, all loved by Hollywood and the high society, range from somewhat bizarre such as his bejewelled arachnid and other creatures, to the most sophisticated classic pieces such as his beautifully crafted Oro Classics. There is no end to the possibilities in jewelry when Roberto Coin holds the reins.
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Link to Elegance

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Since 1904, A. Link has been in the business of creating diamonds with unusual quality that is immediately visible to the admiring eye.  The most prestigious jewelry labels trust A. Link for the brand’s outstanding signature 60/60 cut. The equal percentage of the table and depth of the A. Link cut produces a maximized diameter weight and reflectivity that allows each stone to shine with noticeable gleam even with the minimal amount of light. These diamonds are distinguished not only for their brilliance but also for their consistently outstanding quality, whether they are hand or machine manufactured in key locations such as Belgium, Russia or South Africa. The family-operated company is renowned for its elegant and timeless jewelry matched with superb costumer service.
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Distinguished Elegance

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Wellendorff is a family-owned German luxury jewelry manufacturer founded in Pforzheim in 1893. The enterprising designer and goldsmith Ernst Alexander Wellendorff rose to fame among distinguished circles of German nobility and international aristocracy for remarkable skills as an artist and goldsmith. His most famous designs, the rotating rings and the rope necklace, has earned him a reputation across the world including England and Russia. The rotating ring, with four separate rings assembled to form one ring that revolves within itself, is a unique engineering feat packaged in elegant aesthetics. Even more amazing is the rope necklace crafted from fine gold wire spanning the length of two football fields, painstakingly weaved by master artisans to create the immaculate golden pieces that has distinguished the Wellendorff name for over a hundred years.
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Passion by Penny Preville

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Award-winner jewelry designer Penny Preville had lived for crafting elegant jewelry pieces since she was a young girl playing with her grandmother’s jewels. Her serious interest in engagement rings, however, started when her own son was about to get engaged. It was important to Penny that she be the one to design the ring to represent the couple. The “Mara” ring had then gone on to become one of Penny Preville’s best selling pieces. Penny designed more bridal rings for family members and friends after that, and they are all now part of the company’s bridal collection. In a way, every couple who chooses their engagement and wedding bands from Penny Preville becomes a part of a family and a heritage with a romantic and vintage-inspired feel.
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Martin Flyer Wedding Essentials

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Regardless of all the fuss surrounding a wedding, there is simply a handful of essential items for that special occasion – the groom, the bride, the papers, the rings. Alright, there is more to it than just that but the four are somewhere up on the priority list. For Martin Flyer, the breathtaking bridal rings are always priority number one. They specialize in luxury bridal rings that fit not only perfectly and comfortable around the finger, but also jive perfectly with the couple’s preferences and personality. Martin Flyer has a wide range of classifications and styles, ranging from Solitaires to Micro Pave and high polished classics to elaborately engraved vintages. They even allow jewelry upgrades and offer jewelry selection advices for more convenience. Let Martin Flyer take care of your bridal rings, so you can focus on being your best in that once-in-a-lifetime moment.
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The Kirk Kara Beauty

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Six-time bagger of the Jeweler’s Choice Award Kirk Kara believes that bridal rings “should be visually stimulating from every angle”. Joint parts should also come together in perfect harmony, much like the most striking pieces of architecture. The brand’s seasoned artists and jewelers turn this principle to reality using the finest modern jewelry-making equipment backed by a century of solid experience. The Kirk Kara creations stand out in their classic grace and harmony, with intricate, diamond-laden swirls seamlessly flowing into one another. All the pieces are masterfully designed and handcrafted, with patient and persistent care for each tiny detail. As a 120 year old jewelry making company, populated by the best jewelers in the industry and showered with accolades not just from the clients but the authorities of the industry, Kirk Kara surely knows what it is doing when it comes to diamond bridal rings.
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Out of this World

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“Jewelry itself is timeless, but life is not ever lasting.” This is Evan Yurman’s philosophy behind his newest design for David Yurman – the Meteorite collection. The young artist dares to create a men’s jewelry collection using Gibeon Meteorite, a rare and truly out-of-this-world rock that is 4 billion years old. The remarkable crystal of iron and nickel which fell in Namibia in prehistoric time and discovered in 1836 reminded Evan of the vastness and infinity of space. In comparison, life on earth is limited and fragile. He captures this extra terrestrial appeal in contemporary cuffs, chains, bracelets and rings that show off the meteorite’s distinctive pattern. Like the timelessness of outer space, the Meteorite collection is a long lasting token of life’s precious brevity.
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Obra de Arte

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Renowned jewelry maker Carrera y Carrera, tucked in its headquarters in Madrid, is all about Spain. Each Carrera y Carrera piece crafted by the 60 seasoned jewelers in the brand’s Madrid workshop bears an air of timeless and sensuous Spanish elegance. The savoir faire and passion of the Carrera artists, and the company’s dedication for the very best craftsmanship, turns gold jewelry pieces to enthralling works of art. The authentic design and pulsating detailed work are indeed marks of the company’s mastery in gold sculpting. Iconic, authentic and captivating – its collections has established the name in the international market as one of the 30 most prestigious jewelry brands in the world.
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A. Jaffe and You

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A. Jaffe has spent the last century mulling over the major concerns in engagement ring and wedding band selection, so that you wouldn’t have to. A. Jaffe was established in 1892 at New York’s diamond district and reputed name in bridal jewelry.  A. Jaffe rings are graced by the rarest diamonds displaying maximum brilliance, selected so efficiently that in total they add up to less than 0.5% of the total supply of diamonds. The palladium alloy that make up the shank and mountings are meticulously processed to remain hypoallergenic and nickel-free material. The one crafted of white gold are also remarkable in their purity, and especially alloyed to ensure the rings never turn yellow no matter how many seasons have passed.  The A. Jaffe signature shank, which has a flattened bottom part, prevents the ring from turning around the finger and losing the comfort and optimum position of the central diamond.
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Pearls and Priced Traditions

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The name and heritage of Mikimoto, the pearl jewelry company that ranks among the world’s top luxury brands and Japan’s financial leaders of the 20th Century, all started out with the determination and passion of one man: Kokichi Mikimoto. Japanese researcher and entrepreneur Kokichi Mikimoto is recognized as the creator of the first cultured pearl and the father of the cultured pearl industry, which began to take shape when Kokichi established his luxury pearl company Mikimoto in the fashion district of Tokyo in 1899. Mikimoto was awarded patents for pearl cultivation and in 1985 was selected as one of Japan’s top 10 inventors in commemoration of his pioneering work. The house of Mikimoto pearls today continues to realize the driving dream of one man, that is, simply to adorn every woman’s neck with the pure and precious beauty of pearls.
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Out in the Open

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One look at Piaget’s Skeleton Antiplano Ultra-Thin watch is enough to tell this designer luxury timepiece is unlike any other. Piaget is the recognized industry leader in creating the thinnest movements and astounding complications. The company is no doubt maximizing its strongest asset as it flaunts what it’s got in this model's unique open-worked dial and caseback, both exposing the watch’s 2.44mm caliber 1200S – the world’s thinnest automatic open-worked caliber.  The exceptional mechanism is housed in a sleek 38mm white gold case with black pvd treatment.  The blackened oscillating weight, the black screws and bridges, the sunburst satin-finished plate, and the colored jewels only enhances the show of horological expertise displayed in such a thin watch as Antiplano.
Check it out for yourself at Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for luxury pieces such as Piaget’s Skeleton Antiplano Ultra-Thin watch. Shreve & Co. has a shop in Portland, Oregon.

The Face of Time

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One of the most distinctive elements of a Panerai watch is its dial, the brand’s elegant expression of functional simplicity. The Italian watch company established at Florence, Italy in 1860 manufactures its Swiss movements in Switzerland while maintaining headquarters in its birthplace Florence.  As a result, Panerai timepieces are crafted with Swiss expertise and designed with Italian sophistication. Its emblematic minimalistic dial design has remained substantially constant and unfazed since Panerai’s inception in 1938. The decision to keep an essential part of a timepiece unchanged could have meant obsolescence, but to Panerai it became an identity. Today, Panerai is among the most recognizable names in the industry as it continues to present the ever changing face of time in constantly good form.
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A Fresh Aviation Experience

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Bell & Ross is the premiere French watch company founded in 1992 and headquartered at 350 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, France.  The brand’s first watches had been designed by the founders themselves, Belamich and Rosillo. Bruno Belamich, passionate in his craft as a designer, and Carlos Rosillo, an enterprising businessman, first partnered to create a line of professional watches for airplane pilots, astronauts and even divers. The brand’s flagship models are uniquely designed to replicate an aircraft’s cockpit instruments. In line with the company’s differentiating theme, Bell & Ross instruments offer special features such as hydraulic fluid in certain models that counteract the effects of external pressures, as well as clear visual indicators like the ones found in aircraft panels.
Find your next specialized aviation timepiece from Bell & Ross at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco, trusted retailer of designer watch brands such as Bell & Ross.

Strap on the Sweet Life

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The Longines Dolce Vita Collection has since 1997 been the Swiss watch brand’s fascinating representation of the charming Italian way of life. The Dolce Vita ‘the sweet life’ continues to lure women all around the world with its distinctive rectangular cases and unsurpassed elegance. The polished stainless steel case encloses a high precision quartz movement, and a rectangular dial that ranges from classic royal blue simplicity to stunning diamond-set design. Its seconds subdial at 6 o’clock and sword-shaped polished hands give it a classy feel.  Curved sapphire crystal and highly polished steel bracelet with deployant clasp make a nice touch up to the chic and comfortable timepiece.  Sweet indeed!
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Patek Philippe: The Watch to Watch For

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Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Patek Philippe was founded more than one and a half centuries ago in Geneva and Vallée de Joux, the region known as home of the biggest names and finest pieces in the watchmaking industry. Since 1851, Patek Philippe has been manufacturing haute horlogerie pieces and top-of class movements, including the most complicated mechanical watches in the world. It is easily recognized by watch experts and aficionados as the most prestigious watch brand, period. Whatever acclaim the company name now enjoys is the fruit of decades upon decades of unsurpassed watchmaking standards and pioneering spirit. Patek Philippe pioneered the chronograph, the split-second hand, minute repeater, and perpetual calendar. Its penchant for making things extraordinary and literally ‘complicated’ established its reputation among its varied clientele, from royalties and dignitaries, to young professionals making smart investments and fathers looking for meaningful legacies to pass on to the next generation. 
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Friday, October 04, 2013

Regaled Regatta

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Time spent holding tiller and sheets is time where the stresses and worries of everyday life are completely absent from a sailor’s mind. The hollow thud the boat makes when the hull hits a big wave, like in a rollercoaster, the utter relief realizing that there isn’t any queue nor a traffic jam and all you hear is the sound of the wind and all you see is the water and the distant land. It’s only you and the sea, its vastness and unending movement, its familiar but other worldly strangeness, its colors, its simultaneous relentless beauty and awful inestimable power of destruction. Sailing is indeed a living poetry, much like the watches produced by the fine watchmaking brand, Corum. As a longstanding partner of the most prestigious regattas and leading sailors such as Loïck Peyron and Ben Ainslie, the development of a caliber combining a countdown function with a chronograph was a logical step for Corum. This has now been accomplished in the new Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Regatta, equipped with a regatta function entirely developed by Corum. Embodying all the classic features of the Admiral’s Cup collection created in 1960, the new Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Regatta model powerfully reaffirms Corum’s fundamental triptych: top-flight mechanics combining technical innovation and grand watchmaking traditions; a DNA firmly anchored in the sailing world; as well as a strong and instantly recognizable design
Come see it at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

The True Gentleman’s Watch

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In today's day and age, when most men have forgotten how to be a gentleman or have given up trying to be one, a true gentleman stands out. And being a gentleman doesn't have to mean being weak or being a pushover – it doesn't even mean you have to move slowly with women. A gentleman is someone who has respect for others, and consequently helps those who need their help. He is someone who has a kind heart, not just all about expensive clothing and a good education. A gentleman understands that his appearance, behavior, and way of communicating provide others with valuable insight into his character. He knows that he did not acquire his true strength at the gym. Rather, he demonstrates true strength through his strong character and integrity. And just like a true gentleman, Baume & Mercier is committed to offering watch lovers models that defy the passage of the years, and the Clifton collection extends the mastery of traditional watchmaking that it has steadily developed since its foundation in 1830. And within the Clifton collection, the 1830 is probably the true gentleman’s watch. Powered by a stunning La Joux Perret hand-wound movement housed in an 18k red gold case, the watch oozes elegance. 
Come see it at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

The Oval – Never Been as Beautiful

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The Oval, sometimes called an Ellipse, symbolizes the Cosmic Egg. It has been believed to represent the ascent and descent, involution and evolution. Ovals are strong symbols of immortality, symbolism still used today by Easter eggs and things Oval. In fact, in days gone by the egg, due to its shape, was a symbol of the earth. Thanks to its obvious association with the beginning of life, it has also been the basis of many ancient creation stories. It has been a symbol of fertility, rebirth and the cycle of life. These latter symbols are so close to what Springtime is all about that it’s no wonder it’s been an important part of Spring celebrations since pre-Christian times. Keeping in mind the symbolism, aside from its beauty, Parmigiani Fleurier, offers the brand’s first and newest oval line, that features numerous different models, but all share the same unique elliptical middle part. Michael Parmigiani and his team conducted extensive research in order to achieve the perfect oval shape in terms of proportional harmony and ergonomics. Although the shape is traditionally feminine, the team has successfully created a perfectly gender-balanced collection, obtaining a magnificent harmony of styles and self-assured elegance. 
Come see it at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

Generation W

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According to, “Generation W” refers to the extremely large number of young females who choose to have baby(ies) so that they never have to work and so that they can live on welfare for as long as possible. Usually, they come from a mother, who has lived her whole life in this same manner. Interestingly enough, the words “Generation W” now represents style setter and all-around scene-stealers, women who are outstanding and talented, claiming that today’s rule-breakers and tomorrow’s household names. Gaining much from the continued liberalization and civic equality for women, Generation W now stands for women’s right to choose their own paths. While the New York Fashion Week is riveting the fashion world’s attention, Jaeger LeCoultre and W magazine celebrated on September 9th the new issue of Generation W, featuring an array of guests from the fashion, photography, art and cinema world and Jaeger-LeCoultre showcased its most iconic watchmaking creations in an Art Deco setting at the Financial District – the Jaeger LeCoultre Celestial Collection -- a perfect blend of watchmaking expertise and poetry.
Visit Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco to see he passage of the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere yourself.

Black is Indeed Beautiful

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Black is the color of authority and power. The color black is often seen as a color of sophistication, as in 'the little black dress', or 'the black tie event'. Affluent and success orientated women often choose black as it can give an impression of elegance, sophistication and confidence. Black clothes can attract those who love to be with an authoritative person. By wearing black often in the presence of those people they may start to admire you. Black could make you appear thinner and that’s why it's a good choice if you think that you are overweight. Black can also indicate that you are independent. Believing that Black is indeed and still is, beautiful, Chanel offers those who adore the color black and what it represents, the J12 GMT Matte Black, the watch that is made from high-tech ceramic, with self-winding mechanical movement. It has hours, minutes, seconds, date and second time zone functions, 42-hour power reserve, and water resistance up to 100 meters – all, for the traveler in you. 
Get your own black now at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

It’s Time!

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Beyond showing up promptly out of respect for an acquaintance, or knowing when to get to church on Sunday, how could knowing the time be so important? In conventional economics, it is treated as a commodity (“time is money”) to be bought and sold at will, and therefore needing no special consideration. Time is an irreplaceable, precious resource oft taken for granted. “There isn’t much time!” is a common complaint but as impartial as time is, the treatment it metes out to people essentially depends on how they treat time itself throughout their lives. The priority you place on things that need your attention and focus on the ‘importants’ in life makes all the difference. That is why, Ball Watch, makers of fine, intricate watches announces the world’s first day/date World Time Movement! The Engineer Master II Diver World Time features an automatic Ball caliber 965 movement with hours, minutes, sweep seconds, day, date and World Time display functions, illuminated rotating inner bezel and 55 micro gas tubes on hour, minute, second hands and dial for night reading capability.
To see this historical timepiece, visit Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

A Tribute to Innocence

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The Little Prince is a book that has always been someone’s favorite, to say the least. Besides the action and characters that illustrate our society in a very attractive way, the usage of extended metaphors intrigues anyone who reads the Little Prince. And who can ever resist the refreshing innocence of the prince? Or the baobab trees, and even the mysterious rose? This profound tale about the little boy with the wheaten hair is one of the bestselling books in world literature and has been translated into more than 270 languages. For those who swear that the Little Prince will always be their first favorite book, Watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen offers you his two special editions devoted to the 70th anniversary of this classic of literary history: the Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Edition “Le Petit Prince” (Ref. IW502802) in red gold, limited to 270 watches, and the Pilot’s Watch Mark XVII Edition “Le Petit Prince” (Ref. IW326506) in stainless steel, limited to 1,000 watches.
Hurry, and visit us at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco. See you there!


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