Friday, December 27, 2013

Natural Wonders from the Sea

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The name of Mikimoto has been celebrated for more than a hundred years for its founder’s pioneering work in pearl culture. Japanese researcher and entrepreneur Kokichi Mikimoto invested years in his pursuit of the perfecting the first cultured pearl. In the early 1890s, in a shore off Japan, Mikimoto produced the first perfectly spherical cultured Akoya pearls. It was the beginning of his dream’s realization and, in hind sight, the birth of the vibrant cultured pearl industry. Years after the founder’s passing, Mikimoto remains the top name for the highest quality cultured pearl jewelry. Immaculate and luxurious, Mikimoto’s new Wonder collection, celebrates its own heritage and history. Featured in the collection are a ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings that bear elegant white Akoya pearls, each sized at about 7.00 mm, set in white gold clam-like design overlaid with white diamonds. The collection displays the world of luxury and beauty made available to every woman from New York to Shanghai by Mikimoto.
Find Mikimoto at authorized retailer Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California, and Palo Alto, California. 

Ultra-Thin and Totally Astounding

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The Piaget Antiplano 43 mm Automatic, the largest ultra-thin automatic wristwatch in the world, is an incredible timepiece. And it’s not just because it is so thin - alright, primarily because it is so thin. A 43 mm dress watch that is masculine and sophisticated at just 5.25 mm thickness has got to be remarkable. Even more astounding is the 1208P automatic movement that keeps Antiplano ticking with precision and reliability. The incredible 2.35 mm movement is a descendant of Piaget’s famous Circa 1960 Caliber 12P, its hair thin components enhanced with expert care to be housed in a larger case like the Antiplano’s 43 mm. Overall, the watch is an appealing versatile watch – modern with a classic touch, and perfect for suits and tie without being too dressy for a football game afternoon.
Check out the Ultra-thin Antiplano and other Piaget pieces at Shreve & Co. in San Francisco – authorized retailer for Piaget.

A Masterpiece in Your Pocket

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The Panerai Pocket watch, officially PAM 446 Pocket Watch Tourbillon GMT Ceramica, is a celebration of the origins of watchmaking and an evidence of the Swiss company’s passion for innovation as well as tradition. The exclusive masterpiece echoes the history of Panerai, as the brand’s earliest timepieces had been known as the “Pocket watches made by the main Swiss makers.” Nevertheless, it finds itself among the most admirable contemporary haute horlogerie pieces. The P.2005/S movement, which can be viewed clearly through Paneria’s iconic open dial design, is enhanced by a sophisticated tourbillon oscillating perpendicular to the balance at two rotations per minute. A small ecru disk within the small seconds dial at 9 o’clock reflects the rotation of the tourbillon, making the skeleton dial not only a source for accurate time but also a wonderful display of horology expertise. The 59 mm diameter black ceramic case of the pocket watch is attached to a strong nautical-inspired chain, which can be detached and replaced by a back support.
Find the pocket watch tourbillon by Panerai at Shreve & Co in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Portland.

A Piece of Elegance

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Patek Philippe’s Calatrava Ref. 5227 is as classy and high-grade as any large dress watch could ever get. With a 39mm diameter gold case and 9mm thickness, the watch is not really a chunky type of large watch. Rather, it is just the right size for the modern dress watch – admirable but not too conspicuous. The caliber 324 S C automatic is a powerful modern mechanical movement which includes Patek Philippe’s Gyromax balance wheel as well as the Spyromax hairspring technology. The world renowned Swiss watch company tops off this elegant contraption with a pristine white dial adorn with simple indices, a date aperture, and dauphine-style hands. Even in the most minimalist styles, Patek Philippe upholds its name for sophisticated and topnotch quality timepieces.
Find Patek Philippe at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco, in the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, and on SW Broadway in Portland – authorized retailers for Patek Philippe.

The Blackbird Flyback Appeal

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The BR 126 Blackbird Flyback watch by Bell & Ross is a historic timepiece, particularly for chronograph aficionados who love the aviation theme of the 21-year old watchmaking company from Switzerland. The white and black dial of the BR 126 retains the compact, multi-functional professional watch appeal that is often ascribed to Bell & Ross pieces.  An aperture at four-thirty indicates the date, a central seconds subdial sits at three o’clock, and opposite it at nine o’clock is a 24-hour indicator that separates AM and PM, for more convenient time-telling. At the central bottom part of the watch is the feature which gave it the name – the flyback function. A chronograph module movement on base Swiss ETA 2892, produced by Dubois Depraz, nestles underneath the complicated dial. With an orange bracelet and matching accents on the dial, the Bell and Ross Blackbird Flyback is classic with a dash of unconventional sophistication.
Find it at Shreve & Co in San Francisco, California – authorized retailer for Bell and Ross.

Classic Finesse

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The dressy La Grand Classique by Longines is a high-end jewelry watch collection that emphasizes finesse and sophistication. The brand of the winged hourglass logo has long been known for its commitment to reliable, understated watches. Classique perfectly embodies that heritage with delicate contours and especially designed thin case. In fact, one of the most noticeable visual features of these watches is the impression of gentle lightness about them. The indexes as well as the hands on the unencumbered dial are extremely thin, and the point where the case joins the leather or steel bracelet shows no visible signs of being joined together. It is as if the case – and the time for that matter – is half floating and half resting on the straps. With finesse written all over this collection’s designs, La Grand Classique is obviously a very fitting and telling name.
Find this collection of ladies and men’s watches by Longines at authorized retailer Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco, the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, or on SW Broadway in Portland, Oregon.

A Face of Time

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With a fresh wave of watchmaking creativity, Corum spins a different take on the face of classic timepieces. The Corum Romulus Automatic Chronograph, with COSC-certified automatic movement and a laurel crown engraved on it sapphire case back in honor of the founder of Ancient Rome, projects a classy and timeless yet unusual appeal. The elegant guilloche dial exhibits a deep yet clean feel, with small point indicators for minutes around the rim, date window at three o’clock, a tidy seconds sub-dial at six o’clock and an impressive second time zone display at 12 o’clock.  The classic style Roman numerals that indicate the hours are set prominently on the watch’s bezel, becoming a unifying element to the whole timepiece, from dial to case and bracelet. By placing the hours separate from the minute this way, Corum not only created a truly classic look but a new perspective on viewing time as well.
Find Corum at Shreve & Co. in San Francisco – authorized retailer for Corum.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Champion Tradition

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The Swiss luxury watch brand Baume & Mercier has a long story and heritage behind it. It predecessor company Frères Baume was established in 1830, in a village called Les Bois of the Swiss Jura regions. The brand swiftly rose to high ranks as a major watch company, as founding brothers Louis-Victor and Joseph-Célestin Baume ensured the brand accepted only perfection and manufactured only watches of the highest quality. Since its founding, the watch brand’s aim has been to make high-quality traditional watches that are enhanced by the breakthrough technologies of the age. Baume was already recognized as a worldwide name with presence in Switzerland, United States, Africa, Australia and Asia before the 1870s, winning for itself 10 Grand Prix Awards and 7 medals. After the First World War, Frères Baume became Baume et Mercier (now Baume & Mercier), and very soon afterwards was awarded the Geneva Hallmark, which is the highest token of watchmaking craftsmanship.
Discover more of Baume & Mercier’s heritage of excellence at authorized retailer Shreve & Co. in San Francisco.

The Flourishing Art of Watchmaking

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Those who are familiar with the artistic flourishes and fine watchmaking craftsmanship of Parmigiani Fleurier Swiss watches surely enjoy the delightful anticipation that comes with every timepiece that the brand unveils. Created by artisans, Parmigiani Fleurier distinguishes itself with flawless movement, polished jewels, evocative aesthetics and expertly executed components. The brand’s founder himself, Michel Parmigiani, is a man of the art – a watchmaker at heart whose creative works are fueled by a strong desire to produce unique timepieces that bind traditional watchmaking and contemporary appeal together in one interest-piquing package. Part of that uniqueness comes from the brand’s insistence to veer away from watered-down mass production and using time-tested watchmaking techniques to ensure each piece will be enjoyed by future generations in its gloriously beautiful state. The most intriguing distinction for Parmigiani Fleurier is the artistic sense that comes with every model that it launches, from vibrant concepts such as the Quaestor Labyrinthe, to truly artistic designs like marquetry-infused dials. Always vibrant, always mechanically excellent.
Find Parmigiani Fleurier watches at authorized retailer Shreve & Co. in San Francisco.

A Watchmaking Spectacle

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One of the most exciting releases by Jaeger LeCoultre this year is the Hybris Mechanica Grand Sonnerie, which is a prized and compelling hyper complex watch. Crafted by master watchmakers and engineers, with 26 complications and 1472 parts, the Sonnerie is easily one of the most complicated watches ever produced in the history of horology. The watch’s 37 mm calibre 182, which contains more than 182 parts, is one of the most complex and sophisticated movement available. It follows LeCoultre’s dual wing concept, whose functions include a 50-hour power reserve, retrograde perpetual and instant calendars, minute repeater, silence, watch and strike power reserve indicators, and hourly and quarterly indicators featuring the Westminster Carillon. The aesthetic design itself is a fascinating intricacy that harmonizes the different functions into one overall picture of engineering and watchmaking ingenuity. Surely, it is a grand complication that one cannot help but scrutinize with pure admiration.
Check it out at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco and on SW Broadway in Portland, Oregon – authorized retailers for Jaeger LeCoultre.

Tangible Elegance

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There are too few watches that you can readily admire simply for its sheer elegance, especially when it is a dive watch. Among those too few pieces is Chanel’s J12 Chromatic dive watch. Made of ceramic infused with titanium, the lightweight and highly scratchproof surface of the 33 to 41 mm case and bracelet gives it a metallic finish and stand-out luxurious look. The tracteur ETA 2892 powers the hour, minute and seconds functions displayed in a beautifully understated sapphire coated dial. It has a 200 meter water endurance, making it a resilient timepiece not only for diving but for most kinds of rigorous activities. And yet, J12 Chromatic exudes the sophistication of high price-range dress watches, with a bracelet that glides smoothly around the wrist and a design that is elegant not only in what it displays but in what it leaves out.
Experience elegance that you can see and feel, with Chanel’s J12 Chromatic dive watch. Shreve & Co. in San Francisco, California is an authorized retailer for Chanel.

From Railroads to Everywhere Else

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The train on the railway is one of the images strongly connected to America’s most prominent brand of heavy-duty professional watches – the Ball Watch company. Though the size of a timepiece is a far cry from the enormity of a railway system, the two have one vital function in common – on the dot precision. A tragic collision at Kipton in 1891, which was caused by minute variations in the two trains’ timekeeping, prompted the establishment of stringent timekeeping standards throughout the whole railway system.  Ball Watch was a part of this crucial development, being the first official railroad watch in the U.S. Since its early railroad days, Ball Watch has gone with expeditions to the freezing tundras of the North and South Poles, boarded historic space missions and accompanied divers to unreached depths. Ball Watch proudly bears its maxim “accuracy under adverse conditions”, as it caters the precision, durability and functionality needs of extreme professionals and adventurers.
Check out Ball Watch at Shreve & Co. in Portland – authorized retailer for Ball Watch.

The Complications of Passing Time

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IWC matches the intricacies of the turning of the world with an equally complicated timepiece – the globe-bearing IWC Portuguese Grande Complication. Understated and beautifully designed, the grande complication summarizes time as the chief agent of change with its tilted globe design on the dial and Portuguese-inspired elements. The 45 mm diameter timepiece, running on Caliber 79091 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, offers a host of complications that are among the greatest watchmaking achievements. Portuguese Grande Complication features a chronograph, a perpetual moonphase display on the 12th hour, and a perpetual calendar that is mechanically programmed until 2499.  Water resistant up to 3 bars and protected by arch-edged antireflective sapphire glass, the 45 mm watch also has a stopwatch function with hours, minutes and seconds. On the case back, an elaborate sextant is engraved, signifying the watch’s Portuguese heritage. 
Explore the complications of the Portuguese Grande, available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street in San Francisco – authorized retailer for IWC.

Emergency: Got Your Back

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Whether you are live a profession or lifestyle that constantly throws you into brawls with danger, or simply a cautious executive who would rather be prepared for anything, you would love to strap on Breitling’s Emergency Watch II on your wrist. The Emergency II was designed and pieced together by 130 year old Swiss manufacturing company for luxury timepieces and chronographs. With established expertise on producing excellent quality professional watches for aviation and diving, Breitling offers not only precision and durability necessary in these fields, but also a reliable emergency rescue plan. The water-resistant COSC certified chronometer, powered by the Caliber 76 Superquartz movement, bears a beacon system, much like a radio transmitter, that can easily be activated to send 406.040 MHz bands of signal monitored by low-lying satellites of Cospas-Sarsat System. A rescue team is then deployed to the area, anywhere in the world. Now that is some neat safety measure, and all in a space of a 51mm titanium watch. 
Find Breitling’s Emergency II at Shreve & Co. in San Francisco, California – authorized retailer for Breitling

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Heritage of Quality

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For over 150 years, the German watchmaking company of A. Lange & Sohne has kept its place as one of the world’s best high-end watch manufacturers. In a field where the competition is stiff and the task is demanding, this isn’t quite an easy feat and could only be done by keeping the highest quality and standards. What sets this brand apart is its distinctive movement design. Aside from a few models, all Lange watches have mechanical movements. These movements are made from an alloy of copper and nickel known as “German Silver” which gives the movements their unusual color and sheen. Lange watch cases are made of gold or platinum. The timepieces contain distinctive features such as an asymmetric layout without any overlapping among its key indicators. For instance, a dial displays the hours and minutes while a lesser dial displays seconds. Simply yet luxuriously designed, the Lange & Sohne’s high quality watches remain a benchmark for classic watchmaking excellence.
Find A. Lange & Sohne at Shreve & Co. in San Francisco.

Suna’s Infinite Sparkle

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For almost a century now, Suna Brothers has been creating exquisite jewelry pieces from the world's rarest gem stones. Generations of the Suna family have worked closely together to uphold the tradition of excellence established by Kennel and Joel Suna, founders of the Suna Bros. The outstanding quality and the exquisitely timeless beauty of their designs are only a couple of the reasons why Suna Bros’ engagement rings and bands have been the choice of couples for decades. Made exceedingly durable and beautifully seamless through their die-struck process, the mountings of their rings and bands are handcrafted from the finest platinum or gold. Each precious stone is carefully handset into the mounting leaving no gaps between the gems. Beneath each gem is a handcut, pyramid-shaped opening or jour which allows light to enter and then cause the stone to sparkle brilliantly. Draw out a woman's inner sparkle the way Suna Brothers draws out a gem's beauty.
Find them at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Portland - authorized retailers for Suna Brothers.

Gold-Kissed Hues

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Marco Bicego’s creative ingenuity is beautifully expressed in the interplay of sheen and texture between the yellow gold and the vibrant gemstones of his Murano Collection. Beautifully hand-engraved in the time-tested Bulino technique, the textured gold in interspersed by polished gold elements and dramatically enhanced by gemstones that reflect the Venetian Sea in its many moods - from its deep, mysterious shades at dawn to the sun-blushed tints of dusk. The 18K yellow gold of this Murano bracelet is handcast into round-edged geometric shapes that envisage smooth pebbles on a golden beach. The polished gold elements provide contrast to the fine texture of the hand-engraved 18K gold while irregularly-faceted topaz, amethyst, quartz and tourmaline, among others, lend their vibrant beauty to this exquisite work of art. 
Marco Bicego’s fabulous Murano Collection is available at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California, and Palo Alto, California.

Gift of the Orient

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John Hardy takes the best of two worlds as the brand successfully blends traditional Balinese jewelry–making techniques with Western designs and concepts. The distinctive modern oriental look of John Hardy creating this exemplary brand’s definite appeal. Palu in Balinese means “to hammer”. It is also an age-old Balinese jewelry-making technique of rhythmic hand-hammering that transforms gold’s surface into undulating dunes of a sun-kissed golden beach or silver into a rippling moonlit lake. This ancient technique is the inspiration for John Hardy’s appropriately-named Palu Collection. The interplay of light and shadow on the precious metal’s surface is the focal point of this breathtaking collection. Superbly handcrafted in fine silver and gold and shaped to emulate the moon’s cool beauty and the sun’s shimmering brilliance, the Palu Collection beautifully expresses John Hardy’s love for natural elegance.
Find John Hardy at authorized retailer Shreve & Co. in Portland.

A Statement of Enduring Love

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Over the years, engagement rings have been given as a symbol of everlasting love and devotion. No one really knows when this symbolic tradition began but ancient Egyptians used to give engagement rings made of bone or ivory. Now, engagement rings are made of precious metals such as gold or platinum and enhanced by the brilliance of diamonds. Diamonds are the perfect gems for engagement rings. The enduring rock, whose beauty outshines all others when handled with expertise and care, appropriately symbolize enduring love. Christopher Designs understands that an engagement ring is not only a symbol of a couple’s love for each other but a statement of personal style as well. The company constantly strives to create unique bands of exemplary quality and elegant designs that would satisfy even the most discriminating customer. Creating the breathtaking diamond cut called the Crisscut, founder Christopher Slowinski has added the spectacular beauty of this brilliant gem to his fabulous array of engagement rings and bands.
If you wish to give only the best, find Christopher Designs at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California, and Palo Alto, California.

A Beautiful Tale Wrought in Gold

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“When I design a piece of jewelry, it is as if I am writing a book”, says Alex Sepkus. And like outstanding books, his fabulous jewelry creations entrance us with their timeless magic. Meticulously handmade, each original piece tells a beautiful story in precious gold or platinum and vibrant gemstones. Every detail is carefully designed and finely-executed. Alex Sepkus’ team of highly-talented craftsmen frequently use microscopes to execute the fine details and the unique hand finishing that give his pieces their distinct appeal. Sepkus’ creations do not conform to any standard style or design for each piece is like a personal statement that touches a responding chord within the wearer and makes her feel that the jewelry piece was made especially for her. The Alex Sepkus Gold Pathway Ring, for instance, takes us to the flagstoned pathway of an ancient temple of a bygone area.
Alex Sepkus’ unique creations are available at Shreve & Co in Post Street in San Francisco - authorized retailer for Alex Sepkus.

Intoxicating Glamour

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After honing his skills as an apprentice at the famous Hatton Garden of London, Stephen Webster has risen to become one of the leading designers of the industry and the creative director of the crown jeweller, Garard. Drawing on his vast experience and inimitable artistry, Stephen Webster creates jewelry designs that are innovative and bold yet brimming with elegant appeal. Intricately-detailed, his designs bring into focus the intrinsic beauty of gemstones, lending lustrous flairs to each piece. His 18K rose gold Poison Apple Necklace is dramatically adorned by deeply-luscious pave rubies shimmering against a black rhodium setting, while its polished rose gold stalk is topped by a single, brilliant white diamond. The apple locket has a top opening detail. A logo-engraved tag together with a lobster claw fastening complete its 20-inch chain. As its name suggests, this glamorous Stephen Webster jewel intoxicates the senses.
Stephen Webster’s luscious jewels are available at Shreve & Co. in San Francisco and Portland.


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