Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Wonders 106 Years Can Do

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One hundred six years are a lot of experience for any industry. Among diamond cutters and jewelers, it separates style from fashion, elegance from extravagance and value from price tag. To celebrate this year’s 106th anniversary, Kwiat presents an exclusive collection highlighting its brilliant designs and superior craftsmanship as a designer jewelry manufacturer. The pieces in the collection are inspired by the brand’s award winning designs garnered over the years as it grew from humble beginnings since 1907. The diamonds and precious stones on the earrings are inspected by expert gemologists and meticulously set on high-grade platinum mountings by European-trained master jewelers. Each one of the captivating designs in the wide selection is a tangible proof of the Kwiat Diamond Legacy – one marked with excellence, endurance and expertise.  
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The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds

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The story of the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond started in 1996, when Glenn and Susan Rothman founded Hearts on Fire. It was the world’s first branded diamond, which carved an indelible mark in the history of the diamond industry. No other name can claim absolute perfection in creating diamond jewelry. The Hearts on Fire diamond is a display of eight perfect when viewed from the bottom, and a perfect symmetrical fireburst of light from the top. Each one of these precious gems are handcrafted to rare brilliance by less than 400 people, the only people in the world entrusted to create Hearts on Fire quality diamonds. The stones are cut and polished at an astonishing 100x magnification, a standard so high it is 10 times higher than the industry benchmark. These are the perfectly cut stones that make their way into the passionate Hearts on Fire designs.
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Why Aaron Basha’s Baby Shoes Are the Craze

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First of all, they are not just for babies. They are for ladies of all ages who love to hold on to childlike bliss. Second, you don’t have to own a pair in order to wear them. The baby shoes charm from Manhattan’s resident prince of charms, Aaron Basha,  are made of enamel-coated 18k gold, embellished with beautiful diamond stones.  They can hang from a stylish leather or precious metal bracelet along with other lovely and fanciful designs, or as solitary and elegant necklace pendant. Basha’s wide selection gives you more than 100 baby shoe designs to choose from, ranging from rubber duckies to baguettes, polka dots, lady bug bows and diamonds straps. The best thing is you can style and wear them the way that you want. You can even engrave them with a personal inscription that you want.
Check them out at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto – authorized dealer for Aaron Basha precious charms.

Not Your Ordinary Diamond Ring

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You can’t do ordinary things and expect extraordinary results. Exceptional jewelry pieces have to be fashioned using outstanding crafting methods. Memoire, world-renowned diamond ring manufacturer, produces its special “hot extrusion” mountings in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and the United States. This extrusion process uses a unique technology that eliminates pores and air bubbles in the precious metal mounting, giving it a lifetime durability that every heirloom-quality jewelry deserves. Every diamond and precious stone is inspected by a GIA Graduate gemologist before it makes its way into your elaborate classic or contemporary wedding band or engagement ring.  Memoire cuts its mountings and prongs with state of the art machine laser for outstanding strength and smoothness. Not only that, the brand is one of the few jewelry houses that use the same laser technology to personalize your rings with inscribed messages, names and dates.  
Check out Memoire’s exceptional collections at Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco – authorized dealer for Memoire.

Some Things Never Change

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Beauty, art and perfection mean one thing to Harry Kotlar – excellently crafted diamond jewelry.  Harry Kotlar came to the United States as a Polish émigré in 1948. The persevering salesman brought with him his passion for beauty, art and perfection that built the Harry Kotlar Jewels, now handed down to the third-generation of Kotlars who run the company with the same zest for the qualities and values that established it more than 50 years ago. After half a century of serving the diamond industry, Harry Kotlar has grown, expanded, and become synonymous with high quality and perfectly cut diamonds, coupled with unmatched integrity and customer service. Like the unchanging nature of beauty, art and perfection – the company’s unfading mantra, Harry Kotlar remains committed through the years, to bring you only the best offerings when it comes to diamonds and jewelry.
Browse their collections at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon – trusted dealer for Harry Kotlar diamonds.

The Way the Swiss Do It

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Swiss knife, Swiss watch, Swiss chocolate – the nation of Switzerland has a solid reputation of excellence in many things. So it does in contemporary wedding bands. Furrer Jacot’s exclusive wedding, engagement and eternity rings are expertly handcrafted in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Since 1858, this Swiss ring maker has played the part of many couples’ stories all over the world, with its captivatingly modern and chic diamond bridal rings that are finished with individual accents. Lucas Ruppli heads the creative team in creating extraordinary designs for its discriminating, widely-distributed clientele. Drawing inspiration from amazingly unusual objects like dock ropes, rose stalks and home fixtures, the brand coats everyday life with an air of fresh excitement and awe – the same eager feeling that love brings to newlyweds.  Furrer Jacot’s meticulous designs have won it the coveted Diamonds International Awards.
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cento: The Next Best Thing to a Falling Star

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How we all wish we could “catch a falling star and put it in [our] pocket” just for that special moment when everything is right and we are standing next to the person we most love. Since those heavenly gas balls are humanly out of question, the next best thing is to carry in those special-moment pockets is a Cento.  Roberto Coin’s innovation Cento diamonds derive their name from their outstanding 100 facets that create much more brilliant and fire. For the tedious preparations, design and actual production of these gems, each Cento diamond ring is indeed a star in its own right. You can get on your knees before her, pop the question, and get exactly the same effect that receiving a star would have on her.
Check out Roberto Coin’s Cento diamonds at Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco. Who knows, tonight might just be the night when love taps you on the shoulder.

Rare and Rapturous Pieces by Roberto

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Jewelry connoisseurs will never run out of unique pieces from Roberto Coin’s luxury jewelry collections. The 17-year-old brand is the top jewelry designer and manufacturer in Italy, and third in the international scene. For an industry player that is relatively so young, the Roberto Coin’s success in jewelry making is indeed astounding. This is not surprising though, especially when you factor in its eponymous owner’s stellar experience in jewelry production for prominent fine jewelry icons since 1977. Roberto Coin, the man, is an outstanding businessman. But more than that, he is a creative artist with unquenchable passion for what he does. He comes up with most ordinary, even creepy, bits of reality and turn them to magical works of art. One of his latest pieces is the 7-inch Horse Diamond and White Enamel Bangle, which shows a horse figure masterfully fashioned from 18k gold and strapped with an enchanting diamond-studded bridle.
Find the Roberto Coin collections at Shreve and Co. in Portland, Oregon and see the charming piece of rarity for yourself.

What Opera is Made of

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“Opera is when a guy is stabbed at the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings.” Ed Gardner nailed it right. It is this surreal enchantment that captures the hearts of both opera lovers and diamond connoisseurs. If the timeless melodies of the world’s greatest prodigies were captured in crystallized form, they would most likely look like A. Link’s Opera collection. A. Link designs and fashions precious stones and metal into alluring jewelry, just as master composers, actors and orchestra players piece together arresting arrangements from raw emotion and inspiration. The drama, beauty and enchantment of masterpieces such as Gounod’s Faust, Puccini’s Turandot, the iconic Mozart’s Figaro, and many other unforgettable opera pieces are captured in gold, platinum and expertly-diamond jewelry pieces. Lose yourself in the deep delights of the Opera collection.
Find it at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon – authorized retailer for A. Link fine jewelry collections.

The Perfect Embodiment of Genuine Values

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Since 1893, Wellendorff has brought us four generations of master jewelry makers, countless collections of unique luxury pieces, and one hundred twenty years of Wahre Werte (Genuine Values). It is true that nothing lasts forever – not even gold and diamond, but authenticity breeds endurance. The Wellendorff house of fine German-made jewelry is anchored strongly on the sure foundations of Genuine Values. No wonder why the family-run manufacturer remains strong and thriving through the years. Wellendorff is never about the latest fashion trends. It is not even about attracting the elite, even though that is what it often does. Wellendorff is all about being true to yourself, just as it remains true to itself. Its bestselling gold rope coils and revolving rings embody the brands commitment to bringing you the most excellent touches of luxury and refinement that symbolize your own personality and lifestyle.
Check out Wellendorff’s timeless and incomparable works of art. Find them at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

Fashion, Elegance and Everything Nice

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Elegance and innovation, fashion and wearability – who says they have to be mutually-exclusive? Not Penny Preville. Her popular jewelry designs, known under her namesake designer jewelry brand beautifully blend those important attributes together. The pieces in her collection are the outlet for her innate creativity. She has been designing gems since her childhood years, mix-matching and glamorizing the contents of her grandma’s jewelry box. Her well-accoladed and multi-awarded jewelries are also showpieces of Penny Preville’s natural acumen in business and advertising. Most of all, it is an expression of herself as a woman and as an individual. The depth and personal style that Penny pours into each elaborate ring or necklace makes it attractive to those who also need to express their own. After all, that is really what fashion is about. Learn more about expressing your own style with Penny Preville’s collections.
Check them out at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto – authorized retailer for Penny Preville.

Celebrating the Years

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The adage “the more, the merrier” always rings true, even in marriage – not in parties involved but in years spent together. The more years that fly by, the merrier every milestone should be. Oh, of course it is never an easy ride, which is exactly why every anniversary is an important cause for celebration.  For your next anniversary, make her feel even more special than ever. Plan something new and affirming, and give her Martin Flyer’s Diamond Anniversary Band. The .65 carat, classic micropave diamond ring fashioned out of 14k gold has the unique look of two rings stacked together and expertly combined into one. The contemporary design lends a splendid effect to the piece, which resonates with a deep symbolism of flourishing marriage at the same time.
Find the Martin Flyer anniversary for the most important person in your life at Shreve & Co. Jewelers – authorized dealer for Martin Flyer.

Kirk Kara Did it Again

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There have been talks going around that Kirk Kara is the five-time winner of the Jewelers Choice Award. That is not totally true. The truth is, the brand is now a six-time winner. Yes, the outstanding maker of glamorous diamond bridal rings did it again this year. It is not that Kirk Kara designers, expert gemologists and seasoned artisans are award freaks. They are simply talented individuals with overflowing passion for what they are doing. They also just happen to know what it takes to create valuable symbols of love and enduring family heirlooms. The fact that it remains a family enterprise after a hundred and twenty years testifies to Kirk Kara’s commitment for authentic service and strong family values. The name stands for ideally cut diamonds designed in detailed, classic lines and expertly handcrafted jewelry pieces. No wonder Kirk Kara creations repeatedly amaze both costumers and jewelers alike, year after year after year.
Check out the Kirk Kara collections at Shreve & Co. Jewelers, at Post Street, San Francisco.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Burst of Passionate Elegance

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David Yurman’s Starburst collection is the designer’s ode to the shining star of his life – Sybil, his faithful wife and creator-collaborator. There are inexhaustible ways to show love, and the renowned jewelry creator David Yurman chooses to do so with his jewelries. Starburst was born out of David and Sybil’s fascination with fireworks, night lights and Paris night skies. The radiant star pieces convey that same feeling of awe in bursts of pave diamonds set in sterling silver and gold mountings. The interplay of gem-studded rays and unadorned twisted cables – signature design for David Yurman jewelry – creates a celebration of light and excitement that culminates in a dazzling diamond-embedded core. The romance and elegance of Starburst is also the Yurman’s gift to every couple who revel in the wonderful moments in life and love.
Find your own Starburst pieces at Shreve & Co in Post Street, San Francisco – authorized dealer for David Yurman.

The Dance of the Jewelled Butterflies

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Baile de Mariposas captures the dainty elegance of butterflies, flitting about like seasoned dancers in nature’s colorful show. This vast collection of white or yellow gold butterflies suspended against opal and mother of pearl backdrops are created by Spain’s favorite jewelry maker, Carrera y Carrera. The brand is popular for its creative golden designs that carry a distinctive touch of Spanish romance and sophistication. Carrera jewels are valuable not only for their rich heritage but also for the elaborate process of fashioning each design. At Carrera’s workshop in Madrid, master craftsmen tirelessly cast, mold, and polish every piece of jewelry to turn them into top-quality gems that capture the hearts of many beautiful, passionate and elegant women. Find yourself entranced in the light and delicate dance of the butterflies with your own Baile de Mariposas collection.
Check it out at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon – authorized dealer for Carrera y Carrera jewels.

Another Way to Say "I Love You"

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One thing women so easily overlook when it comes to jewelry is that men also like to stay in style. They do not think diamonds are their bestfriends, but they like to wear them fashionably, too, when they have to. A. Jaffe, a recognized New York diamond ring maker since 1892, understands not just what a girl wants but exactly what her man wants in jewelry as well. The brand’s I Love You – Morse Code Men’s Ring, from the Metropolitan collection, is a modern, cool and clever band made of solid metal mountings set with variously cut diamond stones along the center. Yes, those emerald cuts and round cuts, ingeniously placed beside one another, actually spell “I Love You” in Morse Code. It’ s a novel way of tell that beautiful man in your life how much you love them. 
Check out the Morse Code ring and other A. Jaffe pieces at Shreve & Co in Palo Alto – authorized dealer for A. Jaffe

Rare Treasures for Precious Loved Ones

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Technically, they are not pearls but the jewelry industry values them just as much – if not more. Conch pearls are pinkish pearl-like gems that are produced by the Queen Conch mollusk. The ones with the highest quality are characterized by an unusual ‘flame-like structure’, as if there is fire burning on their surface. These unique, fiery gems can only be produced naturally and in very rare occasions, making conch pearl jewelries all the more valuable. Mikimoto, maker of the world’s finest pearl jewelries, also loves creating conch wonders that adorn the women’s gorgeous necks. The Empress Ring is an exquisite platinum ring that features a 7mm conch pearl central stone. Tiny diamond stones create a dazzling background for the vibrant shine of the conch, like beautiful ladies in waiting surrounding a precious and delicate princess. Indeed, Mikimoto sets conch pearls fit for a princess, whether by title or simply at heart.
Check out Mikimoto at Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco.

The Art of Ultra-thin

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Ultra-thin is definitely something to aim for. No, not anybody’s figure. We are talking about the Altiplano, Piaget’s ultra-thin 2.5 mm thick wristwatch. This 2008 Watch of the Year model has a sleek dial and slender baton hands on its minimalist white gold case, embodying the purity and classicism that the brand stands for. The true wonder of this watch is its ultra-thin 2.3mm mechanical movement that allows the model to take on impossible flatness. Along with the calibre is a 22k gold micro rotor that takes up minimal space inside the 40mm round case. The precise motions of the watch’s movement shows through its sapphire case back, embellished with Piaget’s coat of arms, circular-grained mainplate and distinctive blued screws that make the show all the more spectacular.
Check out Altiplano and other Piaget timepieces at Shreve & Co in Portland, Oregon – authorized dealer for Piaget.

A Tradition of Military-like Precision

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The first Officine Panerai Collection was unveiled to the public in 1993 aboard Durand De La Penne, an Italian Navy cruiser. The ceremony, which was attended by Duke Amedeo D'Aosta, was a fitting backdrop to the collection’s inspiration  - Panerai’s long history of creating hardy, reliable gear for navies and commandos during World War II and afterwards. The three watches that comprise that historical set are the Luminor, Luminor Marina, and Mare Nostrum.  Made of materials par excellence such as stainless steel and titanium, their corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic cases house robust, precise and exclusively-built in-house calibers.  Both materials and movement of every piece are especially built to endure extreme conditions such as those in which military men operate. Whether in rugged combat missions or in other physically extreme professions, Panerai watches carry on its tradition of reliability and design excellence.
Check out Panerai watches at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto – trusted dealer for Panerai.

Making Things Complicated

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Patek Philippe makes things "complicated". But hey, that is what the most sophisticated Swiss watchmakers are supposed to do. Complications, which are any function of a timepiece other than the essential display of the time, are the norms at Patek Philippe’s watchmaking workshops at Geneva and Vallee de Joux. The brand’s Caliber 89, launched in 1989 to commemorate its 150th anniversary, is one of the most complicated mechanical watches ever made. It carries 33 complications that include chronographs, calendars, the date of Easter, sidereal time and a 2800-celestial chart. Getting all those functions working took 5 years of research, 4 years of manufacture, and 1, 728 parts crammed masterfully together in a 41mm thick case. Indeed, Patek Philippe knows how to make a science out of watchmaking.
Check out Patek’s collections at Shreve & Co in Post Street, San Francisco.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Reigning in the Water World

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Way back, makers had to protect their watches from magnetic fields. Later, when wristwatches took over the world of sports, they also had to be shielded from other things. These were how watch features were developed gradually. When divers started taking wristwatches underwater, the pieces just had to become water-resistant. Bell & Ross’ Marine Collection watches do not only resist, but thrive underwater. These marine watches are especially designed and crafted to perform in top-notch condition even at 1,000 meters under the surface of the water. The satin-brushed steel case is held secure by black rubber straps, and contains screw-in crowns and decompression valve. The numerals, index and hands displayed on the dial are also covered with photo-luminescent coating for easy reading in the dark recesses of the sea. These are the perfect gadgets to buy for professional diving and other water-related extreme sport.
Check out Bell and Ross at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

A Town, A Brand, A Story to Tell

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Longines, the brand which started in 1832 at Saint-Imier, Switzerland, began its long story of exploration and innovation by manufacturing pocket watches with crown wheel escapements that were common in the Swiss market. Nevertheless, Longines soon separated itself from the rest of the crowd by pioneering the mechanised production of its watches that by then have invaded the shores of foreign lands like the United States. Before the turn of the 20th century, the company has established a solid clientele among professional sports circles. It also conquered world exploration as it equipped the Duke of the Abruzzi, Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoie, in his Arctic expedition during 1899. By the early 1900’s Longines was winning international competitions like the Grand Prix. In 2012, after a very long list of models and accomplishments, the watch manufacturer launched the Saint-Imier Collection, which gives tribute to the village where its rich history was born.
Know more about Longines collections at Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco. 

The Emblem of Mastery

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The emblem of Corum watch, a key pointing skywards, is a symbol of adventurous curiosity, tenacity, exploration, inventiveness, and the boldness that is required to gain mastery over time. This is the insignia that stands for the watchmaking brand founded by Rene Bannwart and Gaston Ries at La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1955.  Innovative and daring, the company is recognized even among its peers as one of the most creative in the industry. The Admiral’s Cup, the brand’s trademark model, was launched in 1966 by the second generation of Bannwart watchmakers. Over the fruitful years of Corum, this model has grown into a flagship collection of classic and elegant timepieces that endure tough conditions and are mainstays in the international sports scene. This year, Corum welcomes the newest addition to the set – the Admiral’s Cup AC One 45 Chronograph, which comes with an innovative case but still inspired by the nautical, twelve-sided bezel of the original 1966 design.
Next time you need a trustworthy timepiece, check out the Corum key emblem at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon. 

Celebrating Every Precious Moment

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Life is about moments. The mission of the Swiss watchmaking house Baume & Mercier, headed by current Chief Executive Officer Alain Zimmermann, is to remind every man and woman to cherish life’s precious moments and to celebrate with them the joys of milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, reunions and - even at times, bittersweet lessons. These are the kind of memories that warm hearts everywhere in the world. As a natural companion to these moments, Baume and Mercier watches are built with Swiss precision, functionality and elegance that make them excellent tokens of life’s breakthrough’s and triumphs. The Baume collections are designed to fit different lifestyle environments of modern watch wearers. There is one to perfectly suit a young man celebrating his first job and one that will become an excellent birthday gift to the hardworking, fashionable super mom. Whatever great moment there is, it will always be worth creating with Baume and Mercier wrist watches.
The collections are available at Shreve & Co. at Portland Oregon – trusted dealer for Baume and Mercier.

Keeping the Swiss Watchmaking Spirit Alive

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The quaint, Swiss town of Fleurier, which is now a part of the new Val-de-Travers region, is the cradle of Nobel laureates Charles Edouard Guillaume and Daniel Bovet, and the seat of the high-end watch designer and manufactory Parmigiani Fleurier. Inspired by the rich history of this small town, watchmaker Michel Parmigiani and the Sandoz Family Foundation built the brand with passion to restore the Swiss heritage of fine watch making. Undeterred by the challenges of the quartz movement, the determined heads and hands behind the now world-famous brand produced original in-house calibers with outstanding mechanisms that honor the traditions of good old Swiss watchmaking. The grand complications and the persistent success of the Toric watches, the Tonda, Kalpa and Bugatti watch models are tangible evidences of Switzerland’s unsurpassed heritage of haute horlogerie that remains vibrant under the name of Parmigiani Fleurier.
Find these valuable collections in selected authorized dealers such as Shreve & Co., with store location in Palo Alto.

The Unique Time Travel Companion

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Time could hardly keep up with avid globe trotters who are constantly on the move from one time zone to another. Even their trustworthy watches could get them disoriented. That is why every seasoned traveler would love Jaeger LeCoultre's new timepiece, Duomètre Unique Travel Time. This wristwatch, which is designed by one of the world's premiere watch manufacturers, is the first model to ever combine easy-to-manage access to world time and to-the-minute time-setting precision at any place of destination. Jaeger LeCoultre developed the "Dual Wing" concept that uses a jumping hour disk to simultaneously display two time zones on the watch's silver dial.  Aside from world time, the mechanical watch holds 50 hours of power reserve, holds 5 bar water resistance, and displays a map of the world as well as day/night indicator. In simpler words, it’s the most reliable piece of durable wrist watch a world traveler could hope for.  
Check out  Duomètre Unique Travel Time and other Jaeger LeCoultre timepieces at Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco.

Functional Fashionability

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When you are looking at a lovely bangle and a functional timepiece and can't decide which to wear when you go out tonight, it's time to check out Chanel's jewelry watch collection. A modern woman who has to joggle all-too-many aspects of life needs a reliable timepiece that fuses elegant aesthetics and contemporary functionality in one. Coco Chanel's unbridled creativity is forever embedded in the pieces of the world-renowned designer brand which she started in the early 1900's. Her timepieces are an extension of her desire to bring exactly what every woman wants in a watch - fashionability and functionality. Chanel jewelry watches are powered by high precision quartz movement that are glammed-up by exquisite designs made of opals, sapphires, 18k white gold and Coco's personal favorite -  diamonds. So now you can flaunt your style while keeping in time with your fast-paced life.
Chanel jewelry timepieces are available at Shreve & Co. at Palo Alto – authorized dealer for Chanel.

The Definition of Extreme Performance

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Since 1891, Ball Watches had been the dependable partner for railroad masters, engineers, space mission teams, professional deep-sea divers, extreme-sportsmen and those in other environmentally demanding vocations. Ball Watch continues to wave its "accuracy under adverse conditions" flag high and proud with brilliant horological innovations in each of its pieces. Ball's Gas Light feature uses Self-Powered Micro Gas Lights that last up to 25 years and glow 100 times brighter than paint. Ball timepieces also thrive in the coldest and hottest places on earth. Ball’s specially-blended Swiss watch oil lets the watches operate in extreme conditions, even at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and as sweltering hot as 60 degrees Celsius. All the classic features – antimagnetism, water resistance, shock resistance, outstanding movement, are all a given in Ball watch.  If you are regularly involved in the most demanding exploits – or dreaming to be – here is the Swiss watch brand you can surely depend on.
Check out Ball Watch collections at Shreve & Co. In Portland, Oregon – authorized dealer for Ball Watches. 


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