Friday, June 28, 2013

As Precious as Those Memories

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Diamond rings are always for special purposes – a marriage proposal, the wedding vows, an important milestone, family tradition, or special relationship. That is why Mémoire takes every necessary step to present only the most enduring and enchanting symbol of those precious moments. Mémoire’s diamond bridals are crafted using platinum 950 (95% pure) and 18k gold – the highest standards in the industry. These precious metals go through a state-of-the-art mounting procedure called Hot Extrusion, which produces mountings denser and more durable than the traditional mountings. The lifetime durability and strength of Mémoire’s Petite Prongs make them the best in the industry. Each diamond, sapphire, tsavorite, ruby and other precious stone that makes it to these mountings have been individually inspected through microscopes and micrograded by inhouse GIA graduate gemologists. Anybody looking the perfect diamond ring can rest assured that any ring which comes with the Mémoire logo is as precious as the memories that will soon represent. 
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Bejewelled Artworks

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Harry Kotlar invites you to discover beauty, perfection and art expressed in its bejeweled wearable, mini-sculpture collections. The polish immigrant Mr. Kotlar came to the country in 1948 with high hopes for his budding diamond jewelry business, along with his deep fascination for beauty, perfection and art. Three generations later, the company thrives in the diamond industry in realization of its founder’s high hopes. The brand’s favorite design is the intricate melee pattern, which is the use of smaller brilliant-cut diamonds to embellish the mountings for jewelry. This rendering takes precision and painstaking attention to details, skills that Kotlar craftsmen have mastered through the years. The arrays of diamond stones come alive in the elegant designs of Harry Kotlar bridals, bands, bracelets and necklaces, all set in intricately handcrafted platinum and rose or yellow gold and punctuated by carefully selected and polished central diamonds and precious stones.
Discover and fall in love with Harry Kotlar’s perfected works of art. Shreve & Co. in Portland Oregon is an authorized dealer for Harry Kotlar.

Fresh and Contemporary Sophistication

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Based on Schaffhausen, Switzerland and dating as far back as 1858, Furrer-Jacot is nevertheless a contemporary jewelry making company. The renowned brand places high premium in the traditional values of rigid standards and meticulous processes, but this poses no hindrance to the huge workforce of seasoned engravers, expert setters and master metal craftsmen in creating fresh, interesting designs. In fact, Furrer-Jacot’s long experience in jewelry making fuels the creativity of its design team in the relentless pursuit for innovation. The award-winning design director Lucas Ruppli creates sleek, expressive couple rings from rare sources of inspiration, such as bridge railings – a favorite, albeit unnoticed, witness of love’s precious moments. The notion of togetherness is also expressed by the brand’s chain-link inspired rings, while the Magiques collection presents a set of sparkling purist wedding rings that are decorated by neat strips of finest diamonds. Check out Furrer-Jacot’s modern ring designs in its selected jeweler partners.
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Cento: Diamonds Reinvented

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As the world’s most valuable gems, diamonds inevitably fetch considerable attention from the masters in the jewelry making industry. Roberto Coin's Cento loves to express the beauty of the world in terms of creative jewelry pieces decorated with the rarest and most popular stones alike. Completely passionate about precious gems, Roberto also has his own share of successful explorations in diamond cuts and patterns. The Cento is Roberto’s signature brand of luxury diamond pieces. What sets his Cento apart? Only a spark of ingenuity in the stone’s daring 100 facets, which completely reinvented the face of round brilliant diamonds. Instead of the tradition 8 sections that create around 58 facets, Cento diamond has nine-fold symmetry with 100 facets, designed to display more brilliant light and disperse the same to create more fire. The floral patterned diamond cut that takes 12 to 15 hours to perfect by hand offer the best display of sparkling brilliance. Looking for the rarest diamond cut?
Check out Roberto Coin’s Cento collection, proudly carried by authorized dealer Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco.

Joie de Vivre by Roberto Coin

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Roberto Coin is one of the most respected names in the jewelry industry, not only in the brand’s native Italy but all over the world. Established in 1977 at Vicenza, Spain, Roberto Coin became its eponymous founder’s hot pot of creative and sophisticated works of art. Ungoverned by the traditional conventions of jewelry making, the brand became famous for its masterful renditions of rare and interest-piquing themes. Its diamond serpent bangle had recently won the coveted Centurion Jewelry Award for the diamond fashion category, and his haute couture jewelry pieces continue to excite jewelry connoisseurs, ranking third in the world and first in Italy. Roberto Coin’s newest collection, Cocktail, brings a fresh twist to the maxi ring with his selection of easy-to-wear rings topped with balloon-shaped stones with bold choices of textures and colors.
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Brilliance is Beauty

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The beauty of a diamond is in its brilliance. In every valuable piece from A. Link, American jewelers’ favorite purveyor of luxury diamond jewelry, the dazzling magnificence of each diamond stone takes center stage. A. Link’s brilliant cut stones – manufactured by hand or machine in key locations such as Belgium, South Africa and Russia, are created with the brand’s signature 60/60 cut, where the equal percentage in table and depth produces maximized diameter weight and reflectivity. This unique treatment of A. Link diamonds make them shine bright even at night with the minimal amount of light. A. Link’s commitment to brilliance does not end in the diamond cutting process. The creative designs team also makes sure that every precious metal mountings are fashioned to deliberately highlight the sparkle of the gems. This attribute is inherent in any A. Link collection, from the glamorous Opera collection to the fancy and almost playful shapes like the Candide necklaces.
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Treasures to Keep for Eternity

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In view of eternity, a hundred years roll by in 40 winks. In the jewelry making industry, however, it is a long time that only the most qualified companies survive. Wellendorff, Germany’s best acclaimed name for designer jewelry, has gracefully outlived that period for twenty years now. Established in 1893 by Ernst Alexander Wellendorff, the family business was founded on a heritage of Wahre Werte or Genuine Values. This year, the fourth generation of Wellendorff’s celebrates the brand’s historic 120 years of thriving worldwide presence with various anniversary collections, including Magic Eternity and Keep Me Safe. The collections take center stage as they represent the sheer elegance and ingenious artistry of Wellendorff.  The Magic Eternity earrings, pendant and trademark rotating ring shine brilliantly in their diamond-studded spherical designs, crafted using state of the art technology by seasoned artists and gem experts who mastered the trade through time. Celebrate you loved one’s own fruitful years with Wellendorff’s timeless collections.
Shreve & Co. in Post Street San Francisco is an authorized retailer for Wellendorff.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Perks of Being an Artist

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Being a jewelry designer comes with its own set of perks. Long Island artist, Penny Preville, loves how she can dream up and create exactly the kind of jewelry pieces that she wants to wear. Preville’s My Blue Heaven was launched in 2011 with all of her favorite blue stones. The biggest part of the collection is the Moondance pieces, made of alluring moonstones. Legend has it that this precious gem is formed from the light of the moon, a story that Penny finds very romantic. For some earrings and pendants, Penny shows off the labradorite’s amazing play of colors. For other pieces, she combines black rhodium gold with blue and white diamonds and turn them into shimmering glimpses of the beautiful night sky. Preville’s Blue Heaven collection grows broader with every moment of inspiration. As an artist, there is no limit to what she can create.
Check out Penny Preville’s My Blue Heaven at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon. 

Your Best Man

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Engagement or marriage is always full of excitement and celebration! Ideally, that is. Unfortunately, those periods are often stressful and overwhelming for most couples. Having been in the bridals industry since 1945, Martin Flyer knows the many uncharted territories and challenges couples go through as they prepare to get hitched. For the brand’s grateful clients, Martin Flyer is like a helpful and knowledgeable buddy with whom they can learn and laugh with during the stages of preparation. The Five Classifications of Bridals by Martin Flyer helps costumers find their perfect engagement and wedding ring easily and worry free. The Flyer Fit ring collection launched in 2006 fits the two rings snugly together, eliminating that dreaded gap on the ring finger. Add to that a dynamic work force that seeks to make your wedding and engagement fun and exciting. Martin Flyer could truly be everybody’s best man.
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The Boyhood Passion of a Multi-Awarded Craftsman

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Change is constant in everybody’s life, but some childhood memories just cling to us for the rest of time. Kirk Kara, the fourth generation in a family of jewelers, still recalls the magical sights, smells and sensations of his grandfather’s workshop during his childhood years. It was in that early stage in his life that he discovered his passion for jewelry making as an art, long before he started apprenticeship under his father in 1965. He learned that there was no shortcut to perfection, and mastered every phase of the crafting process, from carving waxes to hand engraving. In the current commercialized world where most things are run of the mill, Kirk Kara’s specially handcrafted jewelry pieces stand out with depth and attitude. The label’s diamond bridal rings has been bagging the coveted Jewelers Choice Award for the last six years, an awe-inspiring testimony to the legacy instilled in the heart of the young boy who was Kirk Kara.
Check out his unrivaled bridal rings at authorized dealer Shreve & Co. in their shop at Palo Alto.

Redefined Classics

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David Yurman was born an artist at heart. With his innate gifting, he sets out decorating the world with more color and style – including the concept of time. The world-renowned luxury jewelry designer David Yurman redefines “classic” with The Classic timepiece collection, which was launched in 2009. David follows along the lead of watchmaking master with the basic round-cased watches showing the essential hours, minutes, seconds, and date window functions. Sounds like good old classic horology. But under closer scrutiny, they bear the marks of a seasoned jeweler and artist. The diamond-set bezel of the Classic 34mm holds a mother of pearl dial in place, which in turn is set with applied Roman numerals and diamond markers. The stainless steel bracelet elegantly hugs the wrist as fashionably as Yurman’s famous cable wire bracelets. The Classic collection has almost a hundred different designs with timeless appeal, crafted without compromise only by the house of David Yurman.
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Carrera y Carrera: Timelessness and Modernity

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Strong yet soft and versatile, timeless yet contemporary in style; the Y collection by Spain’s top jewelry designer and manufacturer, Carrera y Carrera, is composed of exquisite pieces with attractive personalities. The unisex collection is inspired by the motif of Carrera y Carrera’s Y logo, which fluidly blends in with the brand’s elegant designs. Like the word that inspired it – Y means “and” in Spanish, the collection carries both timeless elegance and modern sophistication and caters to the world’s dashing gentlemen and fashionable ladies alike. These carefully fashioned yellow or white gold rings and pendants from Carrera y Carrera perfectly symbolize the unfading love shared by couples, among family members and between special friends.
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In Art and Love

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Instinct is enough in art and love. The piece by piece creation of A. Jaffe, New York’s finest name in luxury bridal jewelry, hinges on this poetic verse. Just as in finding one’s better half, coming across the right wedding ring requires instinct; you will know it when you find it. At A. Jaffe’s, seasoned designers, craftsmen and jewelry experts passionately work together to create memorable jewelries that perfectly symbolize the precious marital bond. They are all masters of their craft, but more than just technical expertise they have the creative instinct of artists which serves as their most valuable tool in jewelry creation. A. Jaffe creates the kind of treasures that rightly take part of the world’s most romantic love stories, and remain as treasured possessions for couples and generations as the years go by.
Find A. Jaffe diamond bridals at authorized dealer Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

Unblemished Mikimoto Perfection

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Pearls, the treasures of the sea, are the oldest precious gems that graced mankind. These smooth, lustrous and variously colored calcium carbonate mollusk deposits are valued for their rarity and beauty. All over the world, pearls symbolize purity, dignity and unblemished perfection. In Japan, the renowned jeweler Kokichi Mikimoto devoted his whole adult life to the perfection of pearl culture, a feat that cost a large amount of wisdom, determination and faith in what was then nearly impossible. In 1893, Mikimoto succeeded in producing the first semi-spherical cultured pearl. More than a decade afterwards, he harvested the first spherical cultured pearl. Kokichi’s dedication to these immaculate objects of beauty flowed to the rest of the world with the label “Mikimoto Pearls”, the brand of designer pearl jewelry that is now a by-word among connoisseurs, jewelers and the rich and fashionable crowd. 
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With the Splendor of an Emperor

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The title “Emperor” is so respectable no one can just arbitrarily attach it to anyone or anything. Swiss watchmaker Piaget, with its established reputation for unrivaled quality and fine aesthetics, dares to use the regal terms and undoubtedly gives it justice. The Piaget Emperador Tourbillion skeleton watch is special in many ways. First, it uses the tourbillion, which is an addition to its escapement mechanism that improves the accuracy of the piece as well as flaunts the watchmaking virtuosity of the maker. Second, as a skeleton watch, the Emperador is not only a rare work of art in terms of its case design but also a welcoming window that lets the wearer view the complexities of the movement within. To top it off with a royal flair, the Reverse Tonneau white gold case and dial are set completely with precious stones much like a gem-decked monarch in its splendor.
Check out the Emperador and other Piaget pieces at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

A Fusion of Substance and Form

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The Panerai watch company flies a banner of seasoned expertise and astute discipline, which is not something unexpected given the brand’s history closely tied to the navy and marines. Oficine Panerai’s contemporary Radiomer 10 Days GMT remains loyal to that heritage. The chronograph’s Panerai P.2003/6 calibre is an automatic mechanical movement that is executed entirely in-house. It has 290 components which support multiple key functions like hours, minutes and small seconds, as well as date, second time zone and 24 hour indicator. It also has a circular power reserve indicator that warns the wearer how much time of the 10 day power reserve is left. Like all other Panerai watches, Radiomer 10 days is not just about functionality. The reliable, precise instrument is encased in 47mm polished steel case with patented wire loop strap attachments. The modern and sleek chronograph is held in place by brown Panerai personalized alligator strap and large size polished steel buckle. This is the watch for the man who looks for both admirable substance and sophisticated form.
Find Panerai watches at authorized dealer Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco. 

Elegant Expertise Inside and Out

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The watchmaking brand, Patek Philippe, is widely known for its timepieces that are more than what meets the eye. As an established designer and producer of the world’s grandest watch complications, the brand gets accolades for the engineering that sit beneath the dials rather than on the outward aesthetics of the pieces. But of course, that does not mean it prefers the shabby and boring. The Ladies Nautilus is a shining proof of that. In addition to its mechanical self-winding movement, date window and sweep second hand, the watch’s 33.6mm rose gold case and straps is fully set with diamonds in gridless setting. That’s right, the strap, clasp, bezel and dial are all covered with the precious stone. Each elegant design and pattern is unique in every piece, all of which are adorned with around 9. 05 carat of diamonds. For certain, this watch from Patek Philippe is as elegant to wear as it is amazingly functional.
Check out the Ladies Nautilus and other Patek pieces at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Minding the Essentials

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Excessive temperatures, violent accelerations, and dangerous pressures – these are only some of the conditions pilots, astronauts, bomb-disposal experts and divers have to endure. The French watch manufacturer, Bell & Ross, specializes in building functional chronographs for professionals who work in this kind of extreme environment. Having been in partnership with the most seasoned experts in these fields, the watchmaker designs its pieces with utilitarianism and stiff standards for precision and durability. When accurate timing and reliable chronographs draw the line between life and death, the essentials can never be compromised by the superfluous. That is the essence of every Bell and Ross timepiece. The company works with a team of diverse expertise and experience, such as professional wearers, designers, master watchmakers, and engineers, to ensure that every piece perfectly matches the needs of the wearers. For real timekeeping requirements, nobody handles them better than Bell and Ross.
Check out their latest models at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon - authorized dealer for Bell and Ross.

The Winged Hourglass Heritage

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Longines’ winged hourglass logo is the oldest registered trademark for a watchmaker. The brand’s mark of excellence has been making waves in sports and extreme professions since 1832, when Auguste Agassiz established the company in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Longines is famous in aviation circles for its Aviation watches, designed personally by famous American aviation and explorer Charles Lindbergh after his fateful transatlantic flight. In 1899, Longines navigated to the North Pole with Arctic explorer Louis Amédée de Savoie. In that same decade, the trusted watch manufacturer provided timers for use in the first modern day Olympics. In 1912, Longines was the first to use automatic timekeeping for the Federal Olympics at Basel. 180 years, 10 Grand Prix Awards and a long list of applauded chronographs into its existence, Longines continues to embed a rich history into its already well-storied trademark.
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Setting the Face of Time

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A myriad of world-renowned models, one tradition of masterful innovation, and one unmistakable name that goes with it – Corum. This inventive and tenacious Swiss watch company, established in 1955 by Rene Bannwart and Gaston Ries at La Chauz-de-Fonds, has paved new design trails in watchmaking with its uniquely engineered and designed timepieces. One of the brand’s earliest designs, released in 1957, was the Golden Tube model, which was literally a tube of gold fitted with a movement. This became the basis for Corum’s famous Golden Bridge model. In 1964, the coin watch was unveiled and became a favorite among numerous U.S. presidents and famous personalities. It was an ultra-flat movement with no back cover set on an authentic $20 Double Eagle gold coin. In 1970 came the Feather watch, composed of genuine bird feathers, and six years later the Rolls Royce watch, which was the first ever collaboration of its kind. Half a century after its birth, Corum continues to surprise the world with its creativity and watchmaking prowess.
Check out the latest innovations from Corum at authorized dealer Shreve & Co in Post Street, San Francisco.

As Classic as a Watch can Be

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Classics may be defined in many terms, but the whole concept simply boils down to enduring elegance. That is the absolutely embodied by Baume & Mercier’s Classima collection. The Swiss luxury watchmaking company has been designing and manufacturing first-class timepieces and complications since its establishment in 1830. It saw the many evolutionary stages of watch design and technology in nearly two centuries now. While it rides the changes of time, Baume and Mercier captures the most enduring and unfading watch designs and untiringly adds them to the Classima collection. The Classima 10077 is a classic timepiece from its dials to its leather straps. The 33mm round case is made of rose gold, a favorite material for watches since the mid 1900’s. The smooth mother of pearl dial conceals an automatic movement and displays a simple yet elegant set of Roman numeral hour indicators. To complete the look, the mechanism is held up by the undying alligator black leather strap.
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A Fresh Touch to a Time-tested Favorite

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Subtle elegance is the overarching theme of Parmigiani Fleurier’s Tonda 1950 Diamond-Set Mother of Pearl design. The latest extra-flat stone-set model from the contemporary Swiss watchmaker finds a new dimension of horlogerie refinement. The rose or white gold 39-millimeter case falls nowhere short of grandeur in its bezel’s 84 brilliant cut diamonds and sleek feminine profile. The dial is an even more stunning display. Two optional shades of mother pearl provide a rare and sophisticated backdrop to the watch’s restrained delta hands and appliqué indexes. Whether it is the Tahitian grey or the white mother of pearl, the dial’s iridescent sheen breathes vitality into the whole timepiece. All the watch’s 145 components, including the PF 7 automatic movement driven by a micro-oscillating weight in intricately decorated platinum, are masterfully crafted and pieced together in Parmigiani Fleurier’s independent, verticalized watchmaking center. Check out this deliberately scaled-down and highly functional timepiece from the maker of elegance itself.
Visit Shreve & Co. In Portland, Oregon – authorized dealer for Parmigiani Fleurier luxury watches.

Great Visions Think Small

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Long before techno companies conceived the idea of shrinking gadgets into more compact sizes, miniaturization has been the thing for premiere watchmaking company Jaeger Lecoultre. In 1929, the brand created the smallest mechanical movement in the world even up to present times, the Calibre 101. Only a very imaginative person and an exceptionally talented engineer could create a way to fit 74 complex parts – now 98 pieces after several innovative reinventions – into a tiny mechanism that weighs approximately one gram. Joallerie 101 Entrier in 1930 carried this amazing little movement. This haute horlogerie achievement has fuelled even more innovations and developments not just in the brand but across the whole industry.Even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England wore a Caliber 101 watch on her coronation. Jaeger Lecoultre goes to show that when one has great visions, he must also be able to think small.
Check out Jaeger Lecoultre’s timepieces at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

A Story of Modern Beauty

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Mademoiselle Privé, Chanel’s sophisticated ladies’ watch, tells something more than the time – it tells a story.  The high-precision quartz timepiece flaunts the time in an onyx dial that is decorated with a camellia in mother of pearl marquetry and brilliant-cut diamond indicators.  Mademoiselle Chanel had always loved the camellia for its delicate elegance, a trait that has been attached to the brand since the first decade of the 1900’s at Gabrielle Chanel’s studio on Rue Cambron in Paris. Like the Mademoiselle Privé that sits grandly on the wrist with its expertly crafted 18k white gold case, beautifully cut stones and painstaking mother of pearl intricacy, Chanel’s world-renown was also carved from one woman’s passion and hardwork. Mademoiselle Privé’s story is not just about Chanel but about every fashionable modern woman who thrives and makes a beautiful life the way only a woman can. Let the story unfold for you from Chanel’s timelessly lovely treasures.
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Ball Watch: Lifesaving Precision

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Ball Watch has been saving lives since the late 1800s. Before the American watch brand came into the scene, there was no recognized standard time. It really was no big deal, except on the railroad where trains came and went along crisscrossed tracks loaded with thousands of passengers on board. In 1891, a couple of minutes’ timekeeping difference between two trains led to a devastating crash that took the toll of many, many lives near Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway. After that tragedy, the railroad was ready for some drastic changes. Ball watch was established by jeweler and Chief Time Inspector Webb C. Ball, the Ball Railroad watch was created to serve the train masters and officers, and the rail lines instituted a strict standard time measurement that synchronized time all throughout the roads with to-the-dot precision. Since Ball’s participation in the operations of the American railway, the train tracks have become a so much safer and enjoyable means for meaningful journeys.
Check out the enduring heroism of Ball Watches at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto.

Race Against the Clock

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The Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen is a solid part of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team. IWC is not really out to beat the clock in those races. Technically, it is the clock. IWC is the team’s Official Engineering Partner this 2013, which means the watch company lends it an expert hand in designing the motorcars considering performance, size, packaging and aesthetics. Is IWC the authority for this engineering feat? Absolutely. IWC has been rising over the same kind of challenges in the field of watchmaking since 1868. In the creation of its haute horlogerie masterpieces, the internationally acclaimed brand combines exclusive design with precision engineering. With unbelievable creativity and painstaking attention to complex details, IWC pieced together the Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium. The timepiece is an astounding display of engineering expertise, with a face that displays five hands layered one on top of the other. For certain, IWC is a name top-notch racing teams would trust.
Check out IWC wrist watches at Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco.

Hit the Road in Style

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If Breitling was a car, it would have been a Bentley. As a matter of fact, Breitling is in Bentley. In 2002, the shared pursuit of perfection, performance and elegance brought two great brands together; the famed British car manufacturer, Bentley, and the Swiss watch specialist, Breitling. The watchmaker contributed its personal touch to the most powerful Bentley ever built, the Continental GT, by participating in the design of the automobile’s technical instruments and even creating its onboard clock. Breitling is the first watchmaker ever entrusted with this task for the 90 year-old auto brand, and Bentley had good reason to do so. Breitling has been a strong influence in the field of horology since 1884, making pioneering strides in the development of wrist chronographs and mechanical chronograph movements. Hit the road with the most comfortable and reliable journey buddies from Bentley and Breitling.
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Of Tradition and Innovation

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“Standstill is regression,” says Walter Lange of the premiere German luxury watch manufacturer, A. Lange & Sohne. That is why, in a world where they say nothing is new under the sun, the word innovation has been coined. For the engineers who work on the details and complexities of the A. Lange watches, outstanding engineering is a well-calculated balance between ingenious innovation and honored traditions. The brand places great value in its long and colorful Saxon origins. Every timepiece is designed to uphold the watchmaker’s heritage of excellent complications and elegant aesthetics. At the same time, each design carries a set of enhanced and new features that roll in keeping with the times. Even after almost 170 years of international success, A. Lange & Sohne innovations never come to a standstill.
Check out A. Lange watch collections at authorized dealers like Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Timeless Classic Sophistication

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The Suna Brothers loves the classic look as much as it loves manufacturing high-end designer jewelries. A classic piece of jewelry is one with enduring style. That is why they never get out of fashion. For instance, Suna Bro’s pave heart pendant can be a very special gift from a husband to a wife on their first wedding anniversary. And she will still enjoy it just as much on their 25th anniversary. When the time is right, she can also hand it down to the next generation as a precious family heirloom, and then to the next generation to continue the tradition. That is the kind of timeless sophistication that Suna Brothers carefully integrates into every piece that it manufactures.
Don on that classic look with Suna Brothers’ classic jewelry pieces. Find them at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto – authorized dealer for Suna Brothers. 

Savoring Africa

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Africa is a great place to get lost in, for a certified globetrotting artist, that is. Marco Bicego’s explorations have taken him far and wide across many countries and continents. And from those trips, his numerous collections of sophisticated jewelry pieces get their inspiration and design. One of the most remarkable collections is Africa, which is inspired by the tribal jewelry of the region and the soft, windblown contours of the Sahara dunes. The handcrafted golden pieces are light and elegant in their hand brushed and textured spherical shapes. Even the clasps have been thoughtfully detailed to make them an integral part of every sparkling gem. Experience the unusual beauty of the continent with Marco Bicego’s Africa collection.
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The Artist and His River

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The river has long been the wellspring that inspired songs, poetry, epic drama, reflections, and works of art. In the Indonesian Island of Bali, John Hardy – world-renowned manufacturer of nature inspired designer jewelry, carries on this tradition of creative musings among talented artists. Its Kali collection, named after the Balinese term for river, draws inspiration from the steady streams of water that flows through the edges of the bustling John Hardy compound. The sterling silver pieces are cleverly decorated with black sapphire stones and fashioned to resemble the smooth patterns of riverbed pebbles like the ones that are so refreshing to walk on. As this refreshing pattern continues to gain popularity among jewelry connoisseurs and nature lovers, Head Designer Guy Bedarida expands the Kali collection to include other related natural themes like Zen gardens, yacht’s chains, and water flowing over rocks.
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Raising the Bars of Excellence

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There is always room for improvement, even in a field teeming with seasoned experts like the diamond industry.  When Christopher Design’s Crisscut Diamond was launched with its 77 facets (versus the conventional 48) with great fanfare, the definition of a brilliant diamond was redefined. “I have always been intrigued with taking something established and making it even more beautiful,” explains Christopher Slowinsky, the Polish master jeweler behind the Christopher Designs label. Slowinsky first applied his design to emerald shapes, then to cushion cuts. In time, the classic round cut diamonds also grabbed the spot light in the diamond ring market with their vibrant 109 facets, cut with 12 sides and 12 walls using excellent technology-aided engineering that creates an illusion of scalloped borders. With the multiple patents that Christopher Designs holds, you would think Slowinksy and his seasoned team of artists and diamond experts would like to sit on their laurels, but no. They still believe that there is always room for improvement.
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The Worlds that Alex Sepkus Builds

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Philosophers have considered the fact that our existence could very well be the mere result of someone’s imagination. Most people would certainly disagree with that, but the concept becomes frighteningly possible when we consider Alex Sepkus and his “Tiny” creation. The much-admired Lithuanian jeweler crafts his miniature artworks from 18k gold adorned with colorful precious stones and diamonds. His 17-inch gold necklace, “Tiny”, is a little world of its own that sprang forth from his vivid imagination. The piece draws attention to its clean lines and carefully-calculated patchwork of geometric forms. What makes Alex Sepkus designs so amazing is that they are never really “calculated”. They just come to him naturally, as if he was telling a captivating story with gold and stones. The Tiny necklace is a whole little world of wonderful stories – if only one could open up his imagination and see them.
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A Different Kind of Glamour

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Who says personal statement and diamond glamour could not go together? Stephen Webster stands to prove they always could, even if barb bracelets and rock music are the stuff that expresses the inner you. It is true that conventional jewelry making veers away from punky or rock and roll themes, but who really wants to get lost in the sea of usual accessories? Certainly not Hollywood’s favorite designer, Stephen Webster, nor the throngs of urban fashion icons who cannot get enough of his collections. Webster’s jewelry pieces are skillfully crafted and ingeniously designed, bringing together impeccable precious materials and savvy contemporary designs, such as gem-studded barb wires, spiders and bow ties.  Platinum and diamond has always been a sophisticated jewelry combination, but Stephen Webster collections dress the time-tested elements and turn them into glamorous personal statements.
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Dreams You Can Touch

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There are times when one can lay back and dream, and other times when one has to work hard to realize those dreams. Michael Meksian, the man behind the famous jewelry label Michael M, is fortunate enough to do both at the same time. Michael M’s first collection, the Dreaming in Color, is a set of masterpieces by the seasoned designer and craftsman. The extensive diamond jewelry collection features styles, shapes and colors that bear the marks of a dreamer’s creativity. The vintage cuts and rare diamond slices of the gems are matched in elegance by the stones’ plethora of unusual diamond hues such as rustic, charcoal, rich purple, deep red and gold. All the pieces are one of a kind, each one expertly hand-fashioned in Michael M’s Los Angeles studio. To the diamond connoisseurs who have the eyes for the extra-ordinary, Dreaming in Color is indeed a fitting title for this collection.
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