Friday, October 03, 2014

Martin Flyer's metals

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Martin Flyer offers three main lines of fine jewelry: bridal, classic diamond, and fashion. Across these lines, Martin Flyer uses three precious metal groups to forge your dream ring, each one representing a symbolic meaning and unique feature. Martin Flyer uses gold either 14k or 18k, the former being 58.5% pure and the latter 75% pure. It can be yellow, rose, white, or pink gold. On the other hand, the signature jewelry also uses platinum as the most secure and durable setting for its pieces. Martin Flyer uses 95% platinum with 5% cobalt for added strength. The metal is naturally white and won't fade over time. Another metal used by Martin Flyer, while technically part of platinum family, is palladium. It's more precious than gold, but more affordable than platinum.
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Difference between man’s and woman’s brains

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As with many things, men and women look at jewelry differently. When a man look at Martin Flyer for example, he thinks of the price and the wealth it projects. A woman looking at the same exact piece thinks of its beauty, fascinated by the diamond’s craftsmanship. The disparity between how men and women look at things has its roots on social biases. Men are trained to be providers, hunters, power brokers, while women are made to believe they need to attract the best man to raise a family; hence, the beauty perspective. For a man, luxury jewelry is a symbol of power and sophistication that reinforces his social stature. On the other hand, a woman sees it as a tool to adorn her, to make her more attractive, to attract attention.
Martin Flyer is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hundred Years of Solitude…Together

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That lady you’re marrying? She’s sensual, sexy, had skin as soft as snow, and she got all the qualities a man desires. That man in front of you on wedding day? He stands proud and confident. Has a solid career that lends to your relationship a secure future. He’s caring while free of cares. It’s the perfect match…for the next five years or so, maybe. Over the course of your marriage, her pretty skin will sag replaced by fats, her beauty but a memory. He, too, will feel the pain of growing old, perhaps his career will hit a snag, or his demeanor challenged by daily mortgage and bills. But despite all of these, they will still be wearing their Martin Flyer FlyerFit wedding rings, a symbol of unwavering love.
Martin Flyer is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Diamonds are forever, even after marriage

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Diamond rings are not just for engagements and weddings. More importantly, it should be for anniversaries. Engagement announcement expresses your plan to commit to her. Wedding shows that you’re serious to carry out this plan. But anniversaries prove that you have done your job. Anniversaries validate both the engagement and your wedding. That’s why make sure to give her an even more elaborate diamond ring in your anniversary. The Martin Flyer Classic Diamond Anniversary Band is a perfect idea. Not only is it a gift of proof that you’ve loved her as you’ve promised; but the same love will even flourish more in the next chapter of your marriage. It’s a gift of reassurance and re-commitment that tells her beauty never fades and your love never wavers.
Martin Flyer is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

Friday, May 02, 2014

The True value of diamond rings

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A Martin Flyer diamond ring is sophisticated, engaging and truly a work of art. The details are cunningly executed, producing one of the most brilliant diamond settings in the industry. Its signature FlyerFit is a hit among high-fliers and celebrity clients who demand no less than the most impressive diamond rings around. But sometimes it’s not always the craftsmanship or the masterful cutting and setting that makes a diamond ring valuable. When Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, married Princess Catherine “Kate” Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, he gave her a ring that costs around $137,200. It’s not much compared to other celebrity wedding rings that cost in millions, but William’s ring is priceless for one reason: it’s her mother’s wedding ring, the one the late Princess Diana wore when she got married to royalty.
Martin Flyer is available at Shreve & Co. on Post Street, San Francisco.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Martin Flyer Wedding Essentials

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Regardless of all the fuss surrounding a wedding, there is simply a handful of essential items for that special occasion – the groom, the bride, the papers, the rings. Alright, there is more to it than just that but the four are somewhere up on the priority list. For Martin Flyer, the breathtaking bridal rings are always priority number one. They specialize in luxury bridal rings that fit not only perfectly and comfortable around the finger, but also jive perfectly with the couple’s preferences and personality. Martin Flyer has a wide range of classifications and styles, ranging from Solitaires to Micro Pave and high polished classics to elaborately engraved vintages. They even allow jewelry upgrades and offer jewelry selection advices for more convenience. Let Martin Flyer take care of your bridal rings, so you can focus on being your best in that once-in-a-lifetime moment.
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Saturday, September 07, 2013

What Martin Flyer Can Do

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Martin Flyer’s FlyerFit collection addresses more than one challenge for proposing men and would-be spouses, namely finding the right set of rings that jive with their personality, making the most of the investment in terms of elegance and value, and eliminating that dreaded gap between the engagement ring and the wedding band. Martin Flyer has helped many grateful clients through the process of ring selection since the brand’s inception in 1945. The company has a wide array of intricately designed diamond rings bearing GIA graded stones, all categorized into Martin Flyer’s own Five Classifications of Bridals. Deeply personal and unique, the pieces exude individual charm that comes only from masterful strokes of craftsmen seasoned in the creation of breathtakingly elegant jewelry. The FlyerFit is not only elegant, they also display a beautiful unity between the engagement ring and wedding band, as they are especially designed to fit together snugly as one ring just as marriage is designed to make two differently beautiful people as one.
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Saturday, August 03, 2013

A Fitting Symbol

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Wedding bands have gone through many major transformations, from the woven grass and reed rings of the ancient Egyptians to the sparkling and elegant diamond jewelry pieces that we know today. Nevertheless, the meaning remains unchanged – a symbol of a couple’s undying commitment to one another. At Martin Flyer, every engagement and wedding ring is carefully handcrafted to become a graceful and enduring attestation of love for each other. The brand’s 10,000-foot facility in Manhattan, New York houses seasoned artisans who are experts in crafting precious metals such as platinum and 18k gold,  handling and setting the finest diamond stones, and designing and engraving the most intricate mounts and patterns that are both contemporary and timelessly elegant. The various Martin Flyer collections under the FlyerFit umbrella, including FlyerFit® Classic, FlyerFit® Vintage, FlyerFit® Simplicity, and FlyerFit® Perfected, cater to a wide spectrum of styles and preferences to make sure each couple can express their devotion in their own unique and personal way. 
Find the symbol that perfectly fits you at Shreve & Co in Portland Oregon – an authorized dealer for Martin Flyer.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Your Best Man

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Engagement or marriage is always full of excitement and celebration! Ideally, that is. Unfortunately, those periods are often stressful and overwhelming for most couples. Having been in the bridals industry since 1945, Martin Flyer knows the many uncharted territories and challenges couples go through as they prepare to get hitched. For the brand’s grateful clients, Martin Flyer is like a helpful and knowledgeable buddy with whom they can learn and laugh with during the stages of preparation. The Five Classifications of Bridals by Martin Flyer helps costumers find their perfect engagement and wedding ring easily and worry free. The Flyer Fit ring collection launched in 2006 fits the two rings snugly together, eliminating that dreaded gap on the ring finger. Add to that a dynamic work force that seeks to make your wedding and engagement fun and exciting. Martin Flyer could truly be everybody’s best man.
Find their bridal collections at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto – an authorized dealer for Martin Flyer.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Celebrating the Years

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The adage “the more, the merrier” always rings true, even in marriage – not in parties involved but in years spent together. The more years that fly by, the merrier every milestone should be. Oh, of course it is never an easy ride, which is exactly why every anniversary is an important cause for celebration.  For your next anniversary, make her feel even more special than ever. Plan something new and affirming, and give her Martin Flyer’s Diamond Anniversary Band. The .65 carat, classic micropave diamond ring fashioned out of 14k gold has the unique look of two rings stacked together and expertly combined into one. The contemporary design lends a splendid effect to the piece, which resonates with a deep symbolism of flourishing marriage at the same time.
Find the Martin Flyer anniversary for the most important person in your life at Shreve & Co. Jewelers – authorized dealer for Martin Flyer.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Loving Happily Ever After

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Get your lovelife in order - fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. But before you tie the knot, make sure to find the right engagement ring and wedding band - assuming of course that you have already found the right dame. Chances are the ring you are looking for is from Martin Flyer, designer and manufacturer for fine diamond rings since 1945. The brand knows you and your beloved want to have a symbol which stands not just for your commitment for each other but also for your unique personality as a couple. They will help you pick out the perfect engagement ring or wedding band using their concept of the "Five Classification of Bridals". In addition, Martin Flyer creates beautiful and ingenious sets of Flyerfit engagement and wedding rings that fit together snuggly, eliminating "the dreaded gap" between the two most significant jewelry any woman can wear. Find Martin Flyer at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, for rings that endure with your love as you live the happy ever after. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wedding Bliss Without the Stresses

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Wedding preparations could be oh-so-stressful for a couple – the reception, the guest list, arrangements, the ring, the gown, the bridesmaids, etc. Martin Flyer, premier designer and maker of luxurious diamond rings, is just all too happy to lend a hand. The brand’s Classification of Bridals eases things for the couple during the complicated process of choosing the right wedding band. They have more than a hundred designs of wedding and eternity bands to cater to every couple’s different preferences. These rings are handcrafted by experienced artisans using hand-picked .35 carat diamonds and precious metals. Martin Flyer allows a choice between platinum, white or yellow gold base, as well as various diamond grades.  Not only that, the brand also offers elegant diamond earrings and pendants to match the dazzling wedding ring. The ring maker is beloved for going the extra mile, making each couple’s most important day truly special. For your perfect wedding ring and more, visit Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For Whatever Reason

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It only takes one look to know that Martin Flyer pieces are unique. With their stunning elegance and beauty, Martin Flyer engagement rings have been part of many love stories for long, long time. Today, Martin Flyer is known across the industry to produce high-quality semi-mounts. The bridal jewelry niche enjoys Martin Flyer creations that are both timeless and stylish. With hundreds of design in 18k white and yellow gold, platinum or palladium, the firm has proved to be a veteran and a go-to brand for many lovebirds who are getting engaged and married. But for whatever occasion the purchase is; engagement, marriage or an anniversary; Martin Flyer sure fits the bill. You can choose from the stocks or create your custom design; whichever you choose, Martin Flyer is sure to compliment the beauty of the wearer. For your engagement ring, anniversary ring or just a gift, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Martin Flyer. 

Friday, November 09, 2012

Oneness without Sacrificing Uniqueness

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Finding a perfect engagement ring that signifies the special bond you have with your partner without sacrificing individuality has never been easier since Martin Flyer came up with the FlyerFit™ collection. The FlyerFit line showcases engagement rings and wedding bands that fit perfectly together. This is offered with the highest quality of metals and diamonds in the 5 most popular bridal settings; namely the three-stone rings, solitaires, shared prong, channel and micro pave. There are many designs to choose from and many experts to help you choose your own symbol of oneness and individuality. These experts understand what cuts match what settings. Their inside can guide you through the collection and making a pair your own. Since moving to the famous 48th street, New York’s diamond district, Martin Flyer has continued to bedazzle onlookers with the finest bridal jewelry collections in the country. They have made their mark in the industry with many collections to be desired. For your unique FlyerFit, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Martin Flyer. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Perfect Match for the Perfectly-Matched

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Men do have the hard time of picking and choosing the perfect engagement rings for their significant others. And the trend these days? Well, those rings that will match perfectly as engagement and as wedding rings. And no other brand has had this perfected than Martin Flyer , a 65 year-old third generation business, the prides itself of providing the highest quality products for competitive prices with first-class service. Since 2006, FlyerFit engagement rings and wedding band sets have thrilled lifelong-romance hopefuls with sets that fit perfectly together. Martin Flyer developed technology that eliminates the dreaded and uncomfortable gap that is usually present among welding engagement and wedding rings. They have eliminated such inconvenience and offer a comfortable and beautiful solution for him and for her. The different collections under the FlyerFit flag are FlyerFit Classic, FlyerFit Vintage, FlyerFit for Him, FlyerFit Simplicity and FlyerFit Perfected. All these pieces are handcrafted in-house in Martin Flyer by expert artisans. Men, it is not cheesy to have a fitting engagement rings and wedding band sets. It isn’t just trendy and meaningful. It’s something she’ll appreciate forever. For you perfect match FlyerFit’s, visit Shreve & Co. – an authorized dealer for Martin Flyer. 

Friday, August 03, 2012

Right Engagement

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Do you know that engagement rings may vary in designs as the climate today has degrees of temperament in a day, but the rings ascribe to certain universally regarded styles that set them in recognizable categories? Martin Flyer, a diamond jewelry signature, lets some pressure off your head when choosing the right ring with these five classifications and their meaning:

Solitaire. A single gemstone at the center. Classy, timeless, confident. Perhaps like your unconditional and everlasting love?
Three-stone. A center gemstone is sandwiched by two smaller stones. It is showier than a single-stone, much like a rooster dancing and ruffling his long feathers around to impress the hens, or in your case, hopefully, a hen.
Channel. The diamonds are set in one flowing channel with no metal in between them. Clean, elegant but sturdy, it reflects a modern look that fits an active lifestyle.
Shared prong. The diamond or diamonds are held above the metal with prongs, letting in more light from different angles as it glows out in varying colors. It reflects a vibrant take on life with your future partner.
Micro Pave. A diamond is surrounded by precisely set small diamonds and precious metal beads. It suggests traditional, even antiquity, the richness of its design giving a royal demeanor.
Martin Flyer has been designing diamond engagement rings for nearly sixty years now, offering a full range of categories to match your preference. It is known for the FlyerFit line, which fits the engagement ring and wedding band snuggly together.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Martin Flyer.
Image: A three-stone ring from Martin Flyer