Friday, October 31, 2014

Life's a breeze

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One look at this Baume & Mercier watch brings to mind blue and white seascapes and the relaxing coastal lifestyle. The Capeland 10063 takes its inspiration from the serenity of a breezy early morning walk by the beach, the luxury of living in a beachfront rest house. The timepiece features a 40 mm round steel style with polished and satin-finished case and an anti-glare sapphire cover. Likewise, it has a silver-colored Arabic numerals with Superluminova hands for its display. The blue alligator strap with adjustable triple folding security buckle adds to the thematic seaside lifestyle. Capeland 10063 is a sporty and chic watch you can wear on a casual breakfast at the local cafe or at your corporate office meeting with clients. Either, it speaks volumes about your accomplished life.
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Parts of a mechanical watch

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You don’t need to master the intricate parts of the watch, but it helps to know the basic parts the better to appreciate a high-end watch like Baume & Mercier, which comes in both quartz and automatic mechanical movement. Typically, a mechanical watch has more components than a quartz one. It has roughly 130 parts and the number goes up as the watch features more complications. The mainspring provides the power, which it can get from a battery (if it’s quartz) or winding (if it’s mechanical). The balance wheel and hairspring mark the spacing of time, while the escapement distributes the impulses from the oscillator. The gear train transmits the power from the winding stem. Lastly, the dial train moves the hands. Of course, more complex watches will have more parts aside from this basic mechanical setup.
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Essential Baume & Mercier

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The elegance and Swiss precision technology aside, a Baume & Mercier is all about emotion. When Louis-Victor Baume founded the signature watch in 1830, he envisioned a timepiece that not only features superb movement, but a class on its own, a piece that embodies universal aspirations of happiness, commitment, passion, and the drive to make things more beautiful. Capturing his vision, Baume & Mercier recently commissioned a renowned photographer, Peter Lindbergh, to use his distinct cinematographic skills and dramatic touch to illustrate Baume & Mercier in photos. The irony of this project, you won’t see a Baume & Mercier watch in the pictures; rather, Lindbergh simply captured “moments in life” as the brand’s founder envisions the timepiece. The elegance of a wedding, mother and child in a deep embrace, and the bond that ties friendship together… Lindbergh highlighted the Baume & Mercier essentials. 
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Friday, July 04, 2014

Men are Sentimental, too

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Contrary to the stereotyping, men can also get sentimental when they receive a special gift from their partner. Not in a tearful manner, but in an introspective way, keeping their emotions in check. Still, men would crave, too, to be surprised with a luxurious gift like the Baume & Mercier gift package. Be it an anniversary or birthday, or a wedding or engagement, a Baume & Mercier gift reflects the woman’s profound appreciation and love for her man. The gift package comes with a unique travel pouch and the watch cushioned and protected by the genuine leather box. You can also engrave special messages on the watch’s back, short but meaningful sweet nothings or special dates. Moreover, the gift comes with a 2-year warranty and draped in neat stylish gift wrapper. It’s a surprise he’ll forever remember.
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Friday, May 30, 2014

Celebrating Baume & Mercier

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Baume & Mercier is not just a collection of elegant, luxurious Swiss precision timepieces. They are cool, too. No less than A-list Hollywood actors have lent their names to wear the watch signature. In 2011, Gwyneth Paltrow became the latest addition to these celebrated ambassadors. The acclaimed actress kicked off the Baume & Mercier campaign with a cocktail party in Swiss. But the watchmaker wanted to tweak its Swiss roots and position its Hamptons collection for cosmopolitan living. And where better to target a diverse urbane set of people than New York, one of Paltrow’s favorite cities. Paltrow joined a line of previous Baume & Mercier celebrity endorsers including: Meg Ryan, Kim Basinger, Teri Hatcher, Evangeline Lilly, Andy Garcia, Ashton Kutcher and Kiefer Sutherland. 
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Friday, April 18, 2014

5 Steps to get the right Baume & Mercier

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One of the most luxurious watch brands today, Baume & Mercier helps you choose the right timepiece for you or as a gift to a loved one in five simple steps. First, the obvious: choose between the gents and ladies lines. Second, select your shape preference, either round or rectangular casing. Third, Baume & Mercier presents different materials for different appeal. Choose among steel, gold, two-toned or, for a truly luxurious feel, diamonds. Fourth, what kind of movement do you like? Baume & Mercier is available in three types: self-winding, hand-wound and quartz. Lastly, select the functions that you wish to go into the watch. These include date, chronograph, dual time, world timer, moon phase and more. Whether you like a watch with robust features or a simple but elegant timepiece, Baume & Mercier has it.
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Gift your key employee

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Today’s high-octane business environment demands that companies perform at their peak levels all the time. Having the resources and a deep pocket help, but it’s the key employees, the brains behind the business, that make or break the business. If you own a business or manage key people, one of the best ways to retain them, secure their loyalty and drive their motivation is to give them incentives. It doesn’t have to be a car plan; sometimes, a token of value says as much about your appreciation. Like a luxury watch. A Baume & Mercier gift package is ideal as a corporate gift (you can also give it for valued clients). The signature is reserved for a select few, in the same way that you’re telling the recipient—your key employee—he or she is elite.
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Friday, January 31, 2014

How to choose a gift watch

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Watches make fabulous gifts. But is it important to bear in mind the overall personality of the receiver before you hit the purchase button. In reality, not all people are watch freaks. Hence, you should know if the person will love to receive one as a gift, the first place. If yes, there are more details to iron out. The first thing you have to consider in buying a gift watch is the person's lifestyle. There are different kinds of watches for different people. Is the person formal or casual most of the time? The second thing you have to consider is the design. Does the person prefer gold or silver? Does he or she want something classic or trendy? A metallic band or a leather strap? The perfect clue on the best gift watch to buy are the kinds of clothes the person usually wears. Baume & Mercier has various watch collections perfect for different occasions. You can even have the watches engraved with your heartfelt message. The watches also come in a special packaging and are elegantly wrapped to add excitement to the receiver. 
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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Champion Tradition

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The Swiss luxury watch brand Baume & Mercier has a long story and heritage behind it. It predecessor company Frères Baume was established in 1830, in a village called Les Bois of the Swiss Jura regions. The brand swiftly rose to high ranks as a major watch company, as founding brothers Louis-Victor and Joseph-Célestin Baume ensured the brand accepted only perfection and manufactured only watches of the highest quality. Since its founding, the watch brand’s aim has been to make high-quality traditional watches that are enhanced by the breakthrough technologies of the age. Baume was already recognized as a worldwide name with presence in Switzerland, United States, Africa, Australia and Asia before the 1870s, winning for itself 10 Grand Prix Awards and 7 medals. After the First World War, Frères Baume became Baume et Mercier (now Baume & Mercier), and very soon afterwards was awarded the Geneva Hallmark, which is the highest token of watchmaking craftsmanship.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Baume et Mercier Mark: Only Perfection

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Baume et Mercier, renowned for its complicated watches, is determined to leave positive marks throughout its history. The brand was founded in the 1830’s at Switzerland by founding brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume, who set out their precise definition of what their company’s craftsmanship should be. “Accept only perfection; only manufacture watches of the highest quality,” a motto Baume et Mercier still upholds today with unwavering loyalty. The brand has truly made its marks, garnering various awards and recognition including the famous token of exceptional craftsmanship and quality "Poinçon de Genève" or Geneva Hallmark in 1919. Baume et Mercier has also owned a large number of patents, including the Planetary Motor which is designed for extra flat automatic watches. Today, the company’s watch workshop in Les Brenets in the Swiss Jura Mountains, continues its 180-year tradition of accepting only perfection and manufacturing watches of the highest quality.
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Friday, October 04, 2013

The True Gentleman’s Watch

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In today's day and age, when most men have forgotten how to be a gentleman or have given up trying to be one, a true gentleman stands out. And being a gentleman doesn't have to mean being weak or being a pushover – it doesn't even mean you have to move slowly with women. A gentleman is someone who has respect for others, and consequently helps those who need their help. He is someone who has a kind heart, not just all about expensive clothing and a good education. A gentleman understands that his appearance, behavior, and way of communicating provide others with valuable insight into his character. He knows that he did not acquire his true strength at the gym. Rather, he demonstrates true strength through his strong character and integrity. And just like a true gentleman, Baume & Mercier is committed to offering watch lovers models that defy the passage of the years, and the Clifton collection extends the mastery of traditional watchmaking that it has steadily developed since its foundation in 1830. And within the Clifton collection, the 1830 is probably the true gentleman’s watch. Powered by a stunning La Joux Perret hand-wound movement housed in an 18k red gold case, the watch oozes elegance. 
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Fresh Take on Timeless Classics

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Baume & Mercier gives a nod to classic watchmaking with its classic Capeland collection, composed of heritage wrist watches modeled from the late 1940’s. The 180-year old Swiss brand strikes a retro look with historic aesthetics on the watches’ components such as pomme hands and scaled tachymeter scale, mid-century style Arabic numerals and bold colors. A clear glass display back reveals the base Swiss ETA Valjoux 7753 automatic movement and its which has been modified by Lajoux-Perret. The dial, which comes in a long list of color options ranging from black and white to anthracite or silver, display a variety of functions – flyback chronograph, tachymeter, telemeter and date. The satin-polished case and leather bracelet reinforces the classic look of the collection. The crown is also more prominent, emblematic of the time when crowns were intentionally large for easy winding. 
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Manufacturing Perfect Timing

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Success needs perfect timing – and that is exactly what Baume & Mercier has. At its modern project management center Les Brenets in the Swiss Jura, the leading watch maker manufactures each piece using the traditional établissage production method. The high quality performance of every watch starts with Baume & Mercier’s discrete selection of component suppliers, picking out only the most recognized and time-tested sources. Then starts the 9-stage process of producing the watch – a long and tedious progression from the design team, who study, create and develop tomorrow’s innovative yet classic designs, to the production team who use state-of-the-art technology to assemble the components, clean out every speck of particles and perform multiple checks to ensure reliable and high-rated instruments. With the team of specialists’ impeccable attention to every bit of detail, Baume & Mercier literally has the perfect timing. No wonder the brand has been enjoying immense success in the industry since 1830.
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

As Classic as a Watch can Be

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Classics may be defined in many terms, but the whole concept simply boils down to enduring elegance. That is the absolutely embodied by Baume & Mercier’s Classima collection. The Swiss luxury watchmaking company has been designing and manufacturing first-class timepieces and complications since its establishment in 1830. It saw the many evolutionary stages of watch design and technology in nearly two centuries now. While it rides the changes of time, Baume and Mercier captures the most enduring and unfading watch designs and untiringly adds them to the Classima collection. The Classima 10077 is a classic timepiece from its dials to its leather straps. The 33mm round case is made of rose gold, a favorite material for watches since the mid 1900’s. The smooth mother of pearl dial conceals an automatic movement and displays a simple yet elegant set of Roman numeral hour indicators. To complete the look, the mechanism is held up by the undying alligator black leather strap.
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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Celebrating Every Precious Moment

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Life is about moments. The mission of the Swiss watchmaking house Baume & Mercier, headed by current Chief Executive Officer Alain Zimmermann, is to remind every man and woman to cherish life’s precious moments and to celebrate with them the joys of milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, reunions and - even at times, bittersweet lessons. These are the kind of memories that warm hearts everywhere in the world. As a natural companion to these moments, Baume and Mercier watches are built with Swiss precision, functionality and elegance that make them excellent tokens of life’s breakthrough’s and triumphs. The Baume collections are designed to fit different lifestyle environments of modern watch wearers. There is one to perfectly suit a young man celebrating his first job and one that will become an excellent birthday gift to the hardworking, fashionable super mom. Whatever great moment there is, it will always be worth creating with Baume and Mercier wrist watches.
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Baume & Mercier Timeless Collections

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Baume & Mercier is one of the great names in watchmaking, earned from its long fruitful years in operation. Established in 1830, it has produced several prestigious and undeniably outstanding collections. Linea, Capeland, Classima, Hampton and Clifton are the collections available today. Linea collection is designed for ladies, featuring elegant watches with interchangeable bracelets. These are perfect timepieces for ladies needing snappy fashion upgrades. The Capeland collection features a flyback chronograph perfectly fit for men’s preference. Also, Classima collection adds to men’s gallery of treasured gizmos. It is a collection of men’s traditional watches characterized by “simplicity, efficiency and readability”. Farther down the list is Hampton, a collection for both men and women. The watches under this collection tote square or rectangular cases that make them comfortable to wear and pleasant to the eyes. For the old-time fanatic, Clifton collection is a set of vintage watches designed with contemporary twist. You can find these watches of great value at Shreve & Co. at Post Street, San Francisco – authorized dealer of Baume & Mercier.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Charting the Course of Chronograph Excellence

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Baume & Mercier is a known name for excellent and affordable chronograph watches fit for every lifestyle. The sport-chic watches of Baume & Mercier’s Copeland collection suggests the lightness of seaside living that breeds relaxed lifestyle and strength of character. Its 44mm round steel case, polished to a satin finish, houses a neat array of flyback chronograph, tachymeter, telemeter and date. The chronograph is protected by a "chevée" shaped sapphire crystal coated with antiglare treatment – a valuable feature when checking the time on a sandy beach under rich streams of sunshine. The water-resistant Copeland watch is held in place by simple leather straps that lend an air of laidback confidence. It is for the man who is unafraid of uncertainties and boldly charts his own course.The Copeland collection and other state-of-the-art watches by Baume & Mercier are available at Shreve & Co. Jewelers in Palo Alto.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baume & Mercier: An Icon and Luxury

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Baume & Mercier has established itself to be the leading brand in producing sporty chronographs. It is part of the Richemont group along with Cartier and Piaget. Baume & Mercier became one of the most sought out brands as it maintains a close relationship with the customers; and also being the producer of iconic luxury watches of aesthetic elegance, charm and excellence. In 1964, Baume & Mercier took on the PHI symbol for its brand identity. This represented the golden proportion from antiquity. It is through this visual cue that Baume & Mercier became known to be the affordable luxury brand. They keep on to this positioning and philosophy by creating innovative and avant-garde pieces. The years 1972 and 1973 proved fruitful for Baume & Mercier as lady watches Galaxie and Mimosa models won the Golden Rose in 1972 and the Stardust model showcasing an onyx dial surrounded by 138 diamonds garnered the supreme Golden Rose merit the next year. And since the purchase by Richemont and the new found autonomy, Baume & Mercer continues its mission under Alain Zimmerman.  “The mission I am determined to pursue with conviction and pride is about making Baume & Mercier the natural companion of life’s milestone moments such as a birthday or anniversary, a first job or a reunion – the kind that warms our hearts in any culture and on every continent.” stated Alain Zimmermann the CEO of Baume & Mercier. And so, they completely do. For Baume & Mercier luxury for life’s milestones, please visit Shreve & Co.—authorized dealer for Baume & Mercier. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Perfect Timing

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“Accept only perfection.” These are said to be the words of brothers Louis-Victor and Joseph-Celestin Baume, founder of the luxury Baume & Mercier timepieces, when they envisioned their signature brand. A Swiss luxury brand that traces its roots back in 1830, Baume & Mercier, indeed, reflects its founders’ original intent: a masterpiece of manufacture and art. Word of its quality complications and elegant design quickly spread across markets in the nineteenth century, following the British Empire’s trade winds. The Baume family opened new markets and won admirers in as far away markets as India, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. The brand was built on the technological advances and watchmaking craftsmanship of its era, evolving through the ages as a trademark for simple and elegant timepieces, as well as for its line of high-quality chronographs and Grand Complication models. Some of its international recognitions include: ten Grand Prix awards and seven gold medals in world fairs, such as in Chicago (1893), Melbourne (1890 and 1895), Zurich and Amsterdam (1883), and Paris (1878 and 1889). Today Baume & Mercier’s chronographs stand for elegant reliability, which are sold around the world with quality- and style-conscious Italy, Spain and France as its most robust markets.
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Image: Baume & Mercier Classima Executives XL Chronograph and Complete Calendar