Friday, August 24, 2012

High-performing time-telling

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Imagine maneuvering a 747 above the urban maze of skyscrapers inside a cockpit that seems to overload with control buttons; or crossing the Atlantic, you a tiny blimp of a twin-engine, relying on a few simple navigation tools and a lot of guts to conquer a record. Aviators are a hard-nosed bunch with superior focus and nerve control to help them to function with precise movement, one small misstep and the airplane spirals out of control. They demand accuracy, reliability, and a Breitling on their wrist, that timepiece closely associated with aviation for its precision chronographs. More than just a timepiece, Breitling is known for its high-performing movement that has aid aviators since the single-propelled flying era. The pressure in the air and the aviator’s wits building up in every flight, a pilot is glad to be looking at a Breitling. The dial provides a clear, refined display of coordinated movement. The case is sturdy, like a watch in steroids, yet an elegant line is not lost that reflects an aviator’s sophisticated intelligence.  Since 1884, Breitling’s mastery of chronograph movement and navigation technology has propelled the watch as a brand of choice for precision time-telling and orientation. Its sponsorship of the Jetman project, an aviator’s quest to perfect a self-powered human flight, the Breitling aerobatic Jet Team, and other aviation programs define the engineering feat that ticks inside each Breitling timepiece.
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Image: Breitling for Bentley Mark VI

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