Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Alex Sepkus Obsession

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Based in New York, Alex Sepkus has captured jewelry aficionados. Thanks to the owner’s intelligence, quirkiness, and his unparalleled attention to detail. These qualities enabled Alex Sepkus to posses true uniqueness; matchless; a world apart from others. His designs are never boring. There could be thousands of angles to appreciate any piece from. And one can actually start very up close, where craftsmanship is mistaken for something magical. Alex Sepkus designs are made under the microscope. Attention to detail has never been more detailed than this. This strict attention to the specifics is quite contrary to the designs which are never short of fun. Some can even say mad. But Alex Sepkus prefers to have a method to the madness. This obsessive yet light hearted approach has caught many eyes and minds that recognize the genius of Alex Sepkus. To purchase or learn more about Alex Sepkus pieces first-hand, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Alex Sepkus.

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