Saturday, December 15, 2012

East Meets West

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Once, there was a Canadian artist and designer that toured Bali in the 1970’s. And like what Bali does to most people, he was enchanted. His interest forced him to stay and to learn the silver-smithing techniques of the locals. Some of them were descendants of artisans that made jewelry in the royal courts. This experience made it possible for John Hardy, above is his story, to apply new concepts to traditional Balinese jewelry making techniques. From then on, the founder became a brand; an icon to the world – an icon of "East-meets-West". Every piece is designed and intricately crafted in the brand’s compound in Bali. To this day, this mixing of traditions continues. Diversity is the mainstay in the John Hardy line and even in the company. Just like the stunning pieces of jewelry, the John Hardy team is compromised of talents from the East and West. The international management team members come from Europe, Australia, America and Asia. The virtuosos handling the pieces come from Bali, Sumatra, Java and other Indonesian islands. Many of them are from the lineage of artisans in the royal courts of Bali dating back to the time of kings. For jewelries that are fit for the ancient royal courts, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for John Hardy. 

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