Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Brothers’ Quest for Distinction

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More than seventy years ago, two brothers were enthralled by jewelry. They took this passion for anything precious and beautiful to heart and learned from the master craftsmen of Europe. Kenneth and Joel Suna started out as bench jewelers, diamond setters, and as gemologists. But this wasn’t the end for them, these were just the means. The brothers developed their own style that soon would be renowned all over the world. Their skillful use of platinum and gemstones became synonymous to elegance, style and class. By merging their traditional training and state-of-the-art technology they produce jewelry that every sophisticated and discerning woman would desire for. Now in their third generation, Suna is led by Aron and Jonathan Suna who have further developed and expanded the company that continues the tradition of class and excellence. They have continued on the path of creating distinctive designs and stayed true to the Suna name. Suna pieces are perfect for gifts and to let loved ones feel appreciated. Suna pieces are also perfect self-purchases to reward yourself for a job well done. To get your hands on Suna Bros pieces, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Suna Bros.

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