Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Breitling Obsession

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Telling the perfect time is an obsession that humanity will never grow out of. It is by this tendency that we have created technology that is only apparent in our species. And for a long time, one brand has been at the forefront of this obsession. Breitling. Since 1884, Leon Breitling opened a small workshop that specialized in chronographs. With stern will and dedication, Breitling became a companion to the world’s long history of aviation where accuracy and reliability are most important. Having started supplying for the Royal Air Force in 1936, Breitling continues the tradition of precision in the early 1950s as Boeing, Lockheed and Douglas chose Breitling cockpit clocks; and so did 25 more airlines. In 1952, the Navitimer was born. This was the go-to wrist instrument for pilots being equipped with a circular slide rule or a “navigation computer”. A space venturing version of this Navitimer was made and on May 24, 1962, astronaut Scott Carpenter was the first to try this new invention aboard the Aurora 7 space capsule. If you’re a spaceman or a pilot, a Breitling is the best companion. But if you want to just sport one of the most accurate pieces in the world for the prestige or for whatever reasons you might posses, no one can say otherwise. For Breitling pieces, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Breitling.

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