Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ball Watch: Accuracy in Adverse Conditions

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“Accuracy in Adverse Conditions” – this is the motto that has set the ball rolling for Ball Watch. This corporate mission attends to those individuals are not just on-the-go, but those that are truly working, living and playing in difficult conditions in the planet. Accuracy is hard to achieve and Ball Watches rarely falter as they are equipped with the patented BALL-engineered self-powered micro gas light technology. This lights ups brightly for at least 25 years. Ball Watches also come in 7,500 G force shock resistance and a -40 degree Celsius temperature rating, and a patented crown protection system to boot. The founder Webb Clay Ball became the vice-president of the Hamilton Watch Company and focused his efforts to develop tellers of time for railroads. This was inspired by a collision between trains in Kipton, Ohio. This was all caused by the stopping of the engineer’s watch. The railroad officials commissioned Webb C. Ball to be their Chief Time Inspector. And from this day on, his quest of the precision is being continued by the company he started. For accurate watches that function under adverse conditions, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Ball Watch.

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