Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Only for You

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Owning jewelry is not about uniformity. No one wants to wear exactly what the next person does. Furrer-Jacot realizes this more than any other luxury brand as Furrer-Jacot specializes in putting into reality the customers’ individual desires. This Schaffhausen company works with highly skilled artisans and highly trained front end staff that put to use their compounded experience, innovative techniques and unsurpassed attention to detail to bring out excellent results. This ensures that every piece comes out of individually in an authentic “Swiss-made” process, with strict ethical standards, with the best available service. But this “individuality” approach is not in any way a cover up for any lack in creativity as Furrer-Jacot designer-in-chief Lucas Ruppli is no stranger to the jury of the Diamond International Awards. It was his bracelet in red gold combined with onyx and 1801 diamonds weighing a total weight of 37.87 carat that earned him his award. For superiorly crafted and highly individual pieces that are only for you, visit Shreve & Co. — authorized dealer for Furrer-Jacot

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