Tuesday, January 29, 2013

European Inspiration, American Technology

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Specializing in the use of 18k gold and platinum, Memoire creates the finest quality bands available today. This takes unparalleled attention to detail, extreme care and the best materials in the world. Every diamond and precious stone is individually examined under a microscope and approved by a staff GIA Gemologist before any setting being done. For twenty years, Memoire has serviced the US with the highest standards in mind. Drawing big inspiration and Idea in its French, Swiss, German, Italian and of course, American heritage, Memoire can hold claim to have access to the best craftsmanship and technology available to date. The in-house state of the art laser engraving machines helped Memoire set a new standard in the jewelry industry when it comes to personalization with accuracy. Now, Memoire is coming out with their Bouquet setting that uses revolutionary invisible setting technique that does not need any interior prong work. This setting uses nine diamonds circling a center diamond to create a “look” that this center diamond is three times larger than its actual karat weight. This Bouquet setting enables soon to be husbands to give their soon to be wives the diamonds they always dream of. For more of Memoire, visit Shreve & Co. — authorized dealer for Memoire.

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