Monday, February 11, 2013

Infinitely Gorgeous

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Hold infinity in your hands, with the newest Infinity HD silver collection by Chimento. Established by an all-Italian family in 1964, Chimento is one of the most respected names in gold jewelry production. It is a brand dedicated to providing women with the contemporary and classic jewels so lovely they ought to be worn every day. Now the classicism and elegance that Chimeno has been known for is also reinventing silver jewelry with its Infinity collection. Every fashionable woman can now wear silver splendor marked by the esteemed Chimento insignia. Infinite rings, pendants and earrings are decked with different prized gemstones including blue topaz, smoky quartz and rhodolite garnet. Each stone is carefully selected at the Chimento Gemological laboratory before finding its way into any Chimento accessory. Beautifully crafted, elegant jewelry is an endless delight with Chimento. Shreve & Co. is a proud authorized dealer of genuine Chimento jewels. Visit  their shop at Palo Alto.

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