Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Diamonds on the Bridge

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Corum is known for coming up with oddly fresh concepts for its luxury timepieces. Miss Golden Bridge is one of its stunningly peculiar creations. Inspired by the aesthetic characteristics of the golden bridge, this ladies’ wrist watch carries a dial on a thin strip of semi-exposed movement encased in diamond-studded white or red gold case held in place by black, crocodile leather straps. The narrow strip of precious metal that supports the hands of the watch and the movement mechanism itself resembles a stretch of bridge made of gold. The crystal that protects this delicate contraption is sapphire with anti-reflective treatment. The case is mounted with as many as 90 pieces of fine diamond and engraved by the Corum key logo. With Miss Golden Bridge, Corum wants to prove that there are no limits to what the mind’s eye can conceive even in an exacting craft like watchmaking. To view more of Corum’s runaway watches, visit Shreve & Co. Post Street, San Francisco – authorized dealer of Corum timepieces.

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