Monday, March 04, 2013

The Reasons Behind the Furrer-Jacot Enchantment

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How does Furrer-Jacot entrance the majority of bridal jewellery buyers? As poet Elizabeth Barret Browing puts it, let me count the ways. First of all, Furrer-Jacot offers engagement and wedding bands of premium quality.Its Glamoureux Engagement rings and various award-winning wedding band collections are made of the finest precious metals decorated with expertly cut and polished 3.00 carat diamond stones. Each Furrer-Jacot ring also maintains a high level of individuality, wherein you can filter your choice of distinctive design, color and width for the ring that is yours in all details to get something that is really your own. The elegant beauty of Furrer-Jacot's rings also come with remarkable wearing comfort that makes the wearer enjoy the jewel as much as the onlookers delight in the sight of it. Top that with outstanding service standards and strict ethical principles from the Swiss designer brand's beaming staff and you have more than enough reason to go for Furrer-Jacot at the time you need a sophisticated bridal ensemble. Shreve & Co in Post Street, San Francisco is an authorized dealer for Furrer Jacot.

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