Monday, March 04, 2013

A Gift for Every Princess-at-Heart

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Aaron Basha is the prince of charms, and every woman from every age is his princess. The vibrant and whimsical charms churned out regularly by Aaron and his family from their chic boutique in New York are personal favorites of fashionable children and fun-loving moms, aunts, and grandmamas alike. In the midst of a grown up world full of elegant grown up jewelry, Basha's playful designs in enamel-painted precious metals add a burst of colors in a rather monochromatic line of luxury goods. His famous design of lovely baby shoes charms are an all-time favorite. So are his pretty lady bugs and interesting doll and clown collections.  All of the fanciful designs are done in yellow or white gold and carefully decorated to life with fresh-looking enamel coatings. Aaron's bracelets for the charms also come in a wide assortment of leather bands and metal chains, for his diversified customers to choose from. Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco is an authorized dealer for Aaron Basha's colorful creations. 

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