Monday, March 04, 2013

There's a Handsome Piece for Everybody

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Chimento takes no conservative streak when it comes to designing elegant contemporary jewelry for the modern woman. As an all-Italian jewelry manufacturer established and now managed by two generations of Chimento goldsmiths, the brand honors tradition and timeless Italian elegance with its Classic and Tradition Collections. On the other hand, it plays on its innovative and playful side so easily expressed in the pieces of Chimento's Design Collection for women and Trendy Collection for men. Chimento is one of the very few jewelry makers that can boast of mastery in crafting men's jewels, since many jewelers consider serious jewelry shopping a woman's thing. Chimento's men collection is composed of precious metal jewelry created with clean and masculine lines. The women's collections are more elaborate and flowing with emotive expressions, mirroring the remarkable depth of her many-faceted emotional wellspring. Whether the jewel is for a loved one or for yourself, there is something just right from Chimento's various collections. Find the Chimento collections in Shreve & Co.'s jeweler's shop at Palo Alto. 

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