Friday, March 15, 2013

Accuracy Under Adversity

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Richard Limeburner explores the extreme parts of the world that puts the Ball Watch "accuracy under adverse conditions" motto to the ultimate test. As an oceanographer & deep sea recovery expert, Limeburner makes frequent trips to the frigid zones of Antartica, where temperatures reach as low as 660 degrees celsius and turnadoes sweep the the vast ice land at 320 km an hour. In the freezing tundra, Richard conducts sensitive studies about animal responses to climatic changes. His tests that track ice motion and measure salinity require accurate timetelling from a hardy watch. In his three years of working in the Antartica, Ball Watch has been Richard Limeburner trustworthy companion. His other preoccupation takes Richard and Ball Watch diving into the depths of oceans to search for and recover sunken ships and lost American submarines. The daring and enduring spirit that accompanies Richard Limeburner in his extreme vocations makes him an honorary member of Ball Watch Explorer's club and testifies to the brand's outstanding performance in the harshest conditions man dares to face. For the different collections of Ball Watch fine chronographs, visit Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon.

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