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Bohemian Road to Classy Life

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It sounds contradictory, but David Yurman did it.
Today his name is a trademark of classy jewelries, timepieces and precious metal and stone accessories. But back in the 50s to 60s, he was a beatnik artist living the free-spirited scene of his time in Big Sur, California. In this artist colony, he was perfecting his sculpting skills that he had learned earlier as an apprentice of renowned artists Jacques Lipshitz and Theodore Rozack. Nurtured by the bohemian’s fundamental approach to life, Yurman turned to ordinary things for inspiration and brought them to their artistic plateau. He would later move out of the bohemian scene and start his studio, where he would meet his wife, a gifted painter. Together, they would go around galleries with their creations. The story goes that in one of these events, a gallery owner took notice of Yurman’s creation worn by his wife and wanted to buy it. Realizing they could make a brand out of their crafts, they started Putnam Art Works to create personal fine crafts, a decision that would one day lead them to an accessory that set his signature brand worldwide: the David Yurman’s iconic cable bracelet, a weave of gold and silver. Today, the same stylish brand is reflected in other David Yurman line of fine jewelries and pieces, a luxury in simplicity.
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Image: A David Yurman Enhancer

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