Monday, April 15, 2013

What Ordinary?

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Every once in a while there is an interesting jewelry brand that veers away from the traditional-or-contemporary stereotype. Furrer-Jacot is one designer jewelry manufacturer that belongs to a genre of its own. Lucas Ruppli, head designer at Furrer-Jacot values the air of mystery and interest in their pieces. “It is important to me that design reflects the mood of today, and that it not only transcends fashion, but continues to be unique and carry an aura of mystique.” Dock ropes, stalks of grain, wall pegs and hardy chains are just some of Ruppli's inspirations for the brand’s vast collection of beautiful rings and jewelry. Few artists have pulled-off turning attention-grabbing accessories from objects so ordinary and unlikely. Furrer-Jacot's Highlights Collection carries many of these queer yet beautifully translated diamond and precious metal designs.
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