Sunday, August 05, 2012

Love is priceless

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"Will you marry me?”

The question thrown at a lady packs in an emotional high that, cheesy at it gets, a man on his knees giving his lady the ring does not fail to elicit an applauding audience…and their nosy interest at the ring. Is it an A. Jaffe? And what kind of A. Jaffe? A solitaire or multi-stone? Truly, one of the most important moments in a woman’s life deserves one of the world’s finest luxury engagement jewelries, the ladies near ground zero of the proposal ask in their heads. Abraham Jaffe wanted exactly that to happen when he started his jewelry signature in New York in 1892: Women, your man may be inarticulate with amorous words, but he can buy and pop it in front of you. And that the sparkling beauty of an A. Jaffe ring forged in platinum or gold is but your man saying, “Nothing surpasses your grandeur, but this ring comes close to it.” And so long as man professes his undying love to a woman who deserves the best, there is an A. Jaffe that will go along the question that has been popped at an unsuspecting partner in airports, coliseums, public parks, classy, as well as, seedy restaurants, remote islands, on street corners, a friend’s parties….
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Image: A. Jaffe Split Shank Engagement Ring

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