Friday, April 19, 2013

The Jewel of Your Dreams

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Michael Meksian, jeweler extraordinaire, takes you on a fantastic journey with his Dreaming in Color jewelry Collection. It is a dazzling array inspired primarily by floral and animal motifs, paying a brilliant homage to Mother Nature’s intrinsic beauty. Each exquisite jewel in the twenty-eight-piece collection is splendidly handcrafted at the jeweler's Los Angeles workshop. Michael M’s fine craftsmanship brings to the fore the lustrous beauty of the rough, naturally colored diamonds that come in brilliant hues of cognac, charcoal, rich purple, deep red, gold and wine. Expertly handset in the finest quality platinum and 18K gold, the diamond’s vibrant colors give the sparkling life to each design making Dreaming in Color a truly stunning collection. The sparkling wings of a butterfly or the delicate petals of the flower are made even more dazzling when outlined by an array of brilliant white diamonds that would set any woman’s heart aflutter with desire.
Come to Shreve & Co. at Post Street in San Francisco and discover the jewel of your dreams with Michael M’s Dreaming in Color Jewelry Collection.

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